Sewing Celebs…

Sewing Celebrities

Last week, we shared the news that 27 Dresses and Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl bought a BERNINA sewing machine! Well the list of sewing celebs is growing and is pretty impressive…

- Actresses Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, Rachel Bilson and Helen Mirren
- Singers Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga
- Wimbeldon tennis star Venus Williams
- Muscians Chris Martin and Pete Wentz
- Academy award winners Tilda Swinton, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman
- Soap star Rebecca Herbst

Have we missed any? Can you name any celebrities that just seem like they would be good sewers? Julie Andrews maybe? :)

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  1. porter1938

    Helen Mirren has won my heart. Her mother taught her to sew on an old treadle machine. I loved watching her on the video (part of the link).

  2. sewfun

    Lt. Governor Sheilia Simon from the State of Illinois sews her own clothes! What a role model these people are for the young and the old!

  3. hogdodge

    Newscaster Deborah Norville tailors beautiful suits and has her own yarn line.

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