Baby Snoopy by Julie Grantz LeFrancois #sew #diy #costume

Julie Grantz LeFrancois – Challenge #3 Winner

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Julie Grantz LeFrancois, winner of WeAllSew Challenge #3. “Maternity pants. What to do with them once you’re no longer pregnant? Make a Baby Snoopy costume!”

barblake - paper basket feature 315x214px w

Upcycled and Stitched Paper Basket

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Don’t you love this basket? Look closely; can you tell what it’s made of? Barb Lake, BERNINA at Fancyworks, Marissa, IL, recycled packing paper and stitched up a sturdy basket to use for displays. She told me, “I just couldn’t send all that good paper into the recycling bin!”

freemotion quilting

Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting

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We’re sharing our top five tips to more successful free-motion quilting!

Sew Much Comfort Feature

Help Bring “Sew Much Comfort” To Our Servicemembers

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Sew Much Comfort is dedicated to providing adaptive clothing to all wounded service members as a way to say “Thank you for your selfless service.” Read about how YOU can help!

Little Mod Bag by Erika Mulvenna for WeAllSew #diy #sew #free project

DIY Little Mod Bag

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The simplest shapes often make the strongest impression. This bag epitomizes the marriage of form and function. Practical on the inside, fashion accessory on the outside. You won’t want to be seen without one. Beautiful in its simplicity… and simply beautiful!

runner feature

Spooky Spider Web Runner by Vanessa Christenson

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One of our lovely BERNINA Sewing Celebrities and WeAllSew expert Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. created this spectacular spider web runner using her new BERNINA 780 E.

Halloween Skirt with Rick Rack for by Jo Leichte #sew #diy

Spooky Spiders Skirt with Baby Rickrack

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I had so much fun putting together little outfits for my article in Through the Needle ONLINE Issue #14 (October 2012)! While looking for t-shirts and sweaters to cut up for doll clothes I found this electric lime fabric with little spiders and bats and thought, “Hey! I could make a skirt!” So I did.

Altered Couture Jacket by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #upcycle #embroidery

Altered Couture Jean Jacket

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Do you have an old jean jacket that’s just a little outdated and boring? Kerry Finn tells how she used Rit Dye, frayed threads, embroidery, and a bit of serging to transform a plain garment into a boutique-stye jacket.

Garden Couture - Done My Way, by Mary Anne Smart, based on article in BERNINA's free Through the Needle ONLINE magazine #sew #diy

Garden Couture – Done My Way

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I’m Rose Mary Smart and I hang out with the gang at Sew What Bernina in Beaumont Texas. I saw this dress form on the cover of BERNINA’s Through the Needle Online magazine (Issue #11) and loved it so I made it my way. Hope you like it!

Make table top decorations for a fall feast #DIY #sewing

Create a Harvest Table Setting

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Looking for some great ideas to bring a little fall harvest to the dinner table? Check out some of these great DIY table topper tutorials!