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Deck The Halls For The Holidays

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Here at WeAllSew, we love any excuse to sew, and the holidays are no exception. Each Friday from now until the end of the year we’ll be sharing some of our favorite free sewing projects for the holidays – from decorations to deck the halls to quick gifts for loved ones. This week we’re sharing some of our favorite projects to deck out your home with holiday spirit!

Wool N' Spools by Paula Atwood #sew #diy #quilt #felt

“Wool N’ Spools” Needle-Punched Quilt

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The fabric for Paula Atwood’s “Wool N’ Spools” creation is reclaimed wool from old skirts, etc. that she took apart and felted in the washer. She cut out the positive/negative shapes and needle-punched them to the woolen base using BERNINA’s Needle Punch Accessory Set.

Embroidered Tree

The Instagram Chronicles! Vanessa and Her BERNINA

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For the past several weeks BERNINA Sewing Celebrity Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. has been sewing up a storm with her new BERNINA 780 E and recording her experience on her blog as well as on Instagram.

Dog Rescue T-shirt by Riley with help from Debbi Lashbrook #sew #diy

“Help a Dog Have a Home” T-Shirt

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When I first got BERNINA’s new PaintWork tool, my neighbor’s daughter, Riley, showed up at my doorstep with an adorable picture that she drew. She was raising money for the animal shelter. Little did she know her timing was perfect!

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project - by Kay Hickman #sew #embroider #diy

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project

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As I travel around the country, I find that I am often asked about hooping. Hooping is the most essential – but probably the least understood – component of embroidery. A lot of the embroidery “mistakes” that we tend to blame on stabilizers or designs may actually be a result of improper hooping techniques. One of

Vanessa Christenson at Pineneedles BERNINA 780 Training

Introducing BERNINA Sewing Celebrity Vanessa Christenson

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Author, blogger, and fabric designer Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. is one of our newest Sewing Experts here at WeAllSew!

our sewing wish lists #sew #diy

WeAllSew’s Top Holiday Sewing Gifts

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Our WeAllSew team – Alice, Erika, and Jo – share what’s at the top of their holiday sewing wish lists! What’s on your list this year? Share a comment including what you want for your sewing corner and enter for a chance to win a BERNINA tote bag with some of our favorite BERNINA goodies inside!

How to needle felt trees

How to Make Felted Trees

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This holiday season brings warmth to your décor with these cute felted trees. Whether for a mantel or a table centerpiece, they are the perfect accent to your seasonal decoration.

Jessica's Wedding Gown Part 2 by Debbi Lashbrook #diy #sew

Jessica’s Wedding Gown, Part 2

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I am finally going to start my daughter’s wedding dress! She has made a decision on the style and the fabric and I’m ready to begin! Measurements have been taken, fabric has been purchased, and the “test” dress will be completed over the upcoming holiday.

PaintWork Dove Holiday Cards by Amanda Whitlatch #sew #diy

“Paint” Your Own Holiday Cards – with Your Embroidery Machine!

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It is so fun to “paint” your holiday cards with your embroidery machine and the PaintWork tool! There are so many fun picture-style fonts to download for free that are great sources for holiday graphics.