Craftcation 2013 video by Alice Voss-Kantor, WeAllSew #sew #quilt #diy #conference #makers

Craftcation Video

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As promised, here is the video with an overview of what the Craftcation DIY Conference was about, Make – Learn – Meet!


Yours Alice

running stitch

Quilting With The Running Stitch

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Have you seen the running stitch in quilting lately? This usually utilitarian stitch has been slightly altered to make a beautiful gently waving quilting stitch.

Welcome to Craftcation 2013 #diy #create #craft #maker #weallsew

Craftcation, The Makers DIY Conference

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For all of you who followed us on Facebook the last four days, I hope you enjoyed the inspirational breeze from Ventura, California, where the second DIY conference Craftcation was held. As the photos speak for themselves, you can tell it was a blast!

FabricContest_WAS Feature

WeAllSew Pinterest Fabric Design Contest

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Have you ever wanted to become a fabric designer? Joining the likes of Tula Pink and Amy Butler? Starting with a blank canvas and taking your eye for color combinations and patters a step further? Well here is your chance!

Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along Gallery #weallsew #baby quilt #sew #diy

YOUR Sunrise Baby Quilts

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Thanks for sharing your Sunrise Baby Quilt photos with us! Please post by April 2, 2012 at 11:59:59 Central Time to enter our contest.

BERNINA's Free Hand System - It's like having an extra helping hand! #sew #diy #weallsew

A Great Little Helper: The Free Hand System

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If you aren’t using your Free Hand System to raise and lower the presser foot of your machine, here’s only some of what you are missing:

Faster Sewing: It has been proven that using the FHS will speed your sewing by 20%. Think of what you could do with that time – a trip to the spa, read a steamy novel, or sew more fun things!

Sunrise sew-along - wk5 show us your quilt 315x214 w in parts_edited-3

Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along Week 5: Show Us Your Quilt

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Last week we completed our instructions for Erika’s Sunrise Baby Quilt, so maybe you’re wondering why we’re posting again for Week 5. Maybe you’re thinking, “I finished my quilt and it’s totally cute! What more is there to do?” Well. We have a surprise for you.

The Preemie Project helps volunteers sew to serve newborn babies in need.

Sew to Serve: The Preemie Project

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Volunteers in Iowa help to support newborns in need through The Preemie Project – read about how you can help!

WeAllSew goes to Craftcation! Ventura, CA, March 20-24, 2013

Off to Craftcation in Ventura, California

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The DIY Craftcation conference starts tomorrow, and I’m very much looking forward to being there. I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural event last year and was amazed by the three-day indie business and do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop retreat.

Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along - Week 4 - Bind It #diy #sew #quilt #weallsew

Sunrise Baby Quilt: Bind It!

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Nearly done! This week Erika has absolutely fabulous instructions for stitching a double-fold, mitered-corner binding to your quilt.