Top 10 DIY Easter Baskets

Top 10 DIY Easter Baskets

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The Easter Bunny is headed your way in just a few weeks, are you ready? If you still need a basket to fill or a last-minute basket to give, why not try one of our top 10 favorite DIY Easter Basket projects!

DIY Shamrock

7 Lucky DIY Projects for St. Patrick’s Day

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Make any one of these 7 projects to bring you a little luck or spring cheer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Dolly Donations to help children in need

Sew To Serve: Dolly Donations

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The mission behind Dolly Donations is a simple one; to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children around the world by providing a little comfort and handmade love, one dolly at a time – will you help sew a dolly to serve a child in need?

Heart shaped treat pocket

How To Sew A Simple Heart Shaped Treat Pocket

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Sew a simple heart with a pocket to hold a little sweet treat or love note for your favorite Valentine.

Facebook Likes

WeAllSew Celbrates Our Loyal Fans: 69,000 Fans!

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We’ve just surpassed 69,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page! As a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating, we are hosting another special giveaway.

DIY Tablet Sleeve by Mimi G for WeAllSew

WeAllSew For The Holidays: 15 DIY Geeky Gifts

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This week we’re sharing some of our favorite geeky projects for making and giving! Create a custom camera bag, coordinating computer mouse pad and wrist rest set, or make a one-of-a-kind cover for a phone, a laptop, or even a book.

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Easy-to-Sew Gift Idea for Everyone On Your List

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Not to cause a panic or anything but you DO know Christmas is almost here? Atkinson Designs’ Bucket Brigade mini can be embellished (or not), sews up fast, and is a great container for just about anything, from sewing supplies and gourmet foods to golf balls and small toys.

Snowflake Garland Feature

WeAllSew For The Holidays: DIY Festive Ornaments and Garland

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This week we’re sharing some of our favorite quick-and-easy projects for decorating and giving, ornaments! Holiday ornaments are so versatile; they can be used to decorate a tree or hang in any other place in your home, they can be used to decorate gift packages, given as simple gifts, and even attached to a string or strip of fabric to become decorative holiday garland.

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WeAllSew For The Holidays: Table Top DIY Decor

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We all love hand making for the holidays, and each Friday from now through the end of the year we are sharing some of our favorite seasonal sewing projects – from decorations to brighten your home to projects that make great gifts. This week we’re sharing some of our favorite projects to dress up your holiday table!

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Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

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In nature, bright autumn colors are caused when chlorophyll breaks down, leaving carotene, xanthphyll, anthocyanins and other vibrant pigments behind. In Barbara Schneiders studio they’re created using fabric, ink, and thread.