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How to Put a Little Quilt to Practical Use

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This lovely small quilt isn’t a wall-hanging; it has a more practical purpose.

DesignWorks - Laugh Often

Stitch, Draw, and Glitz – with Your Embroidery Machine

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Use an embroidery to draw and paint? You bet! It can also cut stencils for making your own iron-on crystal designs!

Christening Gown by Karen Ann Betts

A Special Christening Gown with Machine-Embroidered Shadow Work

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Karen Ann Betts, one of our WeAllSew readers, sent photos of the beautiful Christening gown she’s making for her granddaughter. Lovely!

Fiber Arts Inspiration in Japan

A Feast of Fiber Art in Japan: Travels with Diane Gloystein

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Take a tour of Tokyo with Diane Gloystein and discover fiber arts inspiration throughout the city – from trendy teens and anime art to high tech fabrics and experimental design.

Digitized Punchwork Heart

Needle-Felted Heart – Hands Free!

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I have been trying out the new punchwork feature in BERNINA Embroidery Software 7. Just draw a shape, digitize the outline, then select the Punchwork tool and choose your settings. So easy!

In-the-Hoop Designs - WeAllSew

Give In-the-Hoop Projects a Try – Your Embroidery Machine Does All the Work!

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Have you tried In-the-Hoop embroidery projects? No fiddling with matching edges or seamlines, or worrying about perfectly pivoted corners – your embroidery machine does ALL the stitching for you!

Season's Greetings from Steckborn

Swiss Holiday Greetings! And a New DesignWorks Collection Sneak Peek

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Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year from Steckborn, Switzerland, home of the BERNINA factory!

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What can you do with a Magical Paradox Zentangle? Make a personalized bag!

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Jane Crowley’s “Magical Paradox” article in Through the Needle ONLINE Issue #15 was the inspiration for Reikje van Schie’s wonderful embroidered and monogrammed bag.

A Silly Halloween Riddle #bernina #home dec #sew #diy #embroider #project inspiration #weallsew #halloween #pillow

A Silly Halloween Riddle

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Check out these adorable Halloween pillows from Betty Stoltenburg, The Sewing Room, Beaverton, OR. They’re BOO-tiful!

dress up your duds: shelby's a winner #4-H #4H #competition #winner #blue ribbon #white ribbon #first place #third place #logan county #beginning sewing #new sewer

“Dress Up Your Duds” 4-H Competition: Shelby’s a Winner!

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Congratulations to Shelby on winning not one, but several Logan County and Colorado State Fair ribbons and awards with her first 4-H entry!