BERNINA Embroidery Software 7

Introduction to BERNINA Embroidery Software 7: FREE Video Tutorial

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You’ve probably modified sewing and craft projects to suit yourself, tweaking the proportions or adding embellishments to make it your own. You can do the same thing with embroidery designs using your computer.

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Jackie Robinson’s Crash Course in Embroidery

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Jackie Robinson is a quilt-maker, not an embroiderer . . . until one of her Benartex fabrics was digitized! Jackie shares some of her adventures with embroidering samples for her Father Frost collection for Every Stitch Counts.

DIY Wedding Inspiration

DIY Wedding Inspiration

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June is traditionally associated with weddings, and today we have some DIY wedding inspiration from Rhea Lucovsky.

DIY Chicago Skyline Shadowbox

Chicago Skyline Shadowbox – by Embroidery Machine!

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Would you believe Pam Varner created the artwork for this shadow box on her embroidery machine? She did!

Hooping for the Best video

Tips for Successful Embroidery on Towels: Free Video Tutorial

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In this “Hooping for the Best” video, Kay Hickman demonstrates best practices for perfect embroidery on towels. The same tips apply to applique, too!

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How to Put a Little Quilt to Practical Use

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This lovely small quilt isn’t a wall-hanging; it has a more practical purpose.

DesignWorks - Laugh Often

Stitch, Draw, and Glitz – with Your Embroidery Machine

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Use an embroidery to draw and paint? You bet! It can also cut stencils for making your own iron-on crystal designs!

Christening Gown by Karen Ann Betts

A Special Christening Gown with Machine-Embroidered Shadow Work

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Karen Ann Betts, one of our WeAllSew readers, sent photos of the beautiful Christening gown she’s making for her granddaughter. Lovely!

Fiber Arts Inspiration in Japan

A Feast of Fiber Art in Japan: Travels with Diane Gloystein

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Take a tour of Tokyo with Diane Gloystein and discover fiber arts inspiration throughout the city – from trendy teens and anime art to high tech fabrics and experimental design.

Digitized Punchwork Heart

Needle-Felted Heart – Hands Free!

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I have been trying out the new punchwork feature in BERNINA Embroidery Software 7. Just draw a shape, digitize the outline, then select the Punchwork tool and choose your settings. So easy!