Bridal Purses by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #embroidery

Romantic Purses for the Brides

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I was lucky enough to witness two beautiful weddings for two lovely brides this summer. One was my niece and the other a very special friend’s daughter. A bridal purse seemed like the right thing to make for each of these wonderful young women.

"BERNINA Button" Bag by Mary Beck, The Sewing Room, Tucson, Texas #sewing #diy

BERNINA Buttons on Our Bags

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I loved the “sew” buttons they had at BU. I needed a new lunch tote to match my new coffee mug, so I used V6 to do the lettering and the cutwork tool to set up the circles for cutting and stitching.

hello my name is sam feature 315x214

Hello, My Name is Sam…

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I designed these pillowcases for a young man I met at the hospital I work at. He was so much like my nephew that I couldn’t help but feel for him.

Merry Christmas Banner by Glenda Hulet #sew #diy

Holiday Banner

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It’s August! Do you know what you’re sewing for the holidays? Ornaments, place settings, quilts, totes, special outfits… Many of us are still in the middle of hot summers, so here’s something to help put us in the mood: photos of a “Merry Christmas” banner made by Glenda Hulet, Sew What BERNINA, Beaumont, Texas. Don’t

Little girl's dress by Christine Fuller #sew #diy

Sweet Sundress

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WeAllSew reader Christine Fuller made this adorable dress for her 2-year-old granddaughter.

"Chocolate Delight" by Jenny Raymond 2012 #diy, #sewing

“Chocolate Delight” by Jenny Raymond

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Jenny Raymond, quilt artist, author, speajer, teacher and BERNINA National Artisan describes her “Chocolate Delight” ensemble, an embroidered jacket and skirt which has been juried into the International Quilt Association’s 2012 show.

Upcycled denim shorts made into a small purse. #diy #sew

New Use for “Undergrown” Shorts

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A WeAllSew reader recently recycled a pair of shorts she “undergrew” (this is the opposite of “outgrew”). She lost weight and took a pair of her old shorts and made a small purse to accommodate her cell phone, keys, and wallet.

OESD Steampunk #12378 embroidery

SteamPunk Mixed Media Upcycle

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This is my favorite type of project: fast, fun, and very forgiving. Start to finish, 3 hours!

Fourth of July Apron by Tari Intardonato

4th of July Apron by Tari Intardonato

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Tari Intardonato celebrates the Fourth of July with a patriotic apron, fashioned from a plain dishtowel and embellished with embroidery from OESD collection #12308, Radiant Celebrations.

seaside treasures guest towel whole 315x214px

Seashell Guest Towel

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Do you like pretty decorative towels but hate spending money on them? Try this quick tip to make your own customized decorative towels!