Fourth of July Apron by Tari Intardonato

4th of July Apron by Tari Intardonato

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Tari Intardonato celebrates the Fourth of July with a patriotic apron, fashioned from a plain dishtowel and embellished with embroidery from OESD collection #12308, Radiant Celebrations.

seaside treasures guest towel whole 315x214px

Seashell Guest Towel

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Do you like pretty decorative towels but hate spending money on them? Try this quick tip to make your own customized decorative towels!

PhotoSnap Art by Carol Nunns #sewing #diy #embroidery

PhotoSnap Art

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Carol Nunns created this abstract artwork with the PhotoSnap program, part of the EditorPlus and DesignerPlus levels of BERNINA Embroidery Software 6

Needle-punched embroidery by Carol Nunns   @sewing  #DIY

Steampunk Needle-Punched Vest

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We’ve all seen machine embroidery, but how about machine stitched needle-punched designs? Carol Nunns combines embroidery and digitized needle-punching to create a uniquely embellished vest featuring OESD’s Steampunk embroidery collection #12378.

"Kissing Pillows" by Jeanne Delpit  #diy #embroidery

Kissing Pillows

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Birds of a feather flock together! If you haven’t seen the new BERNINA Exclusive Design Collection” Retro Birds,” #21001, be sure to check it out. To see how these clever little pillows were designed, sign up to for our BERNINA 8 Series Webinar on Tuesday, June 5. I hope to “see” you then!

lurene bedroom - simple home 315x214feature

Simple Home

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Lurene Swalve made these to coordinate with her version of Susan Fears’ Tuscan Garden Quilt, a BERNINA block-of-the-month project. Now to figure out how to get a bed into the classroom for the display!

sara groff - wedding pillows 5 feature 315x214px

Words for a Wedding

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The groom’s ring pillow I made for my brother’s wedding uses words his fiancee used to describe him, and the bride’s ring pillow is embroidered with words my brother used to describe the bride-to-be. After the wedding, the pillows will be taken apart and matted and framed.

mudfoot 315x214 feature


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Well it is spring . . . and the much-needed rain has arrived here in Texas, but so have the muddy pawprints at my backdoor, where the dogs come in the house. They now have a dedicated “Mudfoot Towel.” This quick and easy project also makes a GREAT gift for any pet lover you know.

couching 2 feature 315x214px

Couching Fancy Fibers

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My favorite part of making the Stitch ‘n’ Bloom Welcome Spring Banner was embellishing it with decorative threads. Couching fancy fibers over the borders of the banner add movement, texture and interest!

Karen's Jacket2_ 315x214px feature

Another “Decorated” Sweatshirt

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Kay Hickman’s All About ME (Machine Embroidery) presentation for February was to add embroidery to a jacket made from a sweatshirt. The only time I had ever cut up a sweatshirt was to turn it into a dust rag!