personalized director's chair sleeve #sew #embroider #diy #chair #weallsew

Personalized Director’s Chair

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A removeable sleeve for a directors chair – what a super idea! Plus a lovely 50th anniversary gift idea. Thank you, Katherine, for the inspiration!

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Jessica’s Wedding Dress, Part 4: First Fitting

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The day arrived for the first fitting of the wedding dress. Of course I had to make the test dress pink, since her very first wedding dress was a pink satin that I made when she was five years old. Since Jessica didn’t want embroidery on her wedding dress, I decided to place some on the test dress.

Easter Table Topper by Bonnie Kimbrough, designed by Amanda Whitlatch #sew #quilt #applique #easter #table topper #home dec #holiday #spring #rabbit #bunny

Easter Table Topper

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Bonnie Kimbrough sent this photo of her super-cute Easter table topper, made from Amanda Murphy’s free tutorial. Bonnie’s new to free-motion quilting; This is a nice project for practicing free-motion stitching skills, as the stitches don’t need to follow any particular line or design. Great job, Bonnie!

Paris Wallhanging by Amy Millsaps #diy #sew #quilt #embroidery #weallsew

Paris Quilt

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Amy Millsaps, who works at Raintree Quilting in Juneau, Alaska, sent me this picture of the beautiful Paris wallhanging she composed in DesignWorks software. She combined clipart and embroidery files from BERNINA Embroidery Software 6, OESD Flourish Fancy pack #12224, and the Rose Gown Applique and Paintwork design from DesignWorks Sampler 1 for a lovely montage

Mandala Backpack by Genette McKnight #sew #embroider #diy

Mandala Backpack

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Mandela is a word of Sanskrit that means circle. I used this as the theme for my granddaughter’s backpack because I wanted her to have something that she could grow with.


DesignWorks Pillows & Runner from Amanda Murphy

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As Sewing Celebrity Amanda Murphy of Amanda Murphy Designs has been exploring with her BERNINA 780 E, she has created some of the most beautiful projects. Amanda has even put together videos for each project using her Medallion, Harlequin and Fizz patterns. Enjoy!

Embroidered Tote Bags by Ginger Pahos. #sew #diy #embroider

Embroidered Tote Bags

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We love to see what our readers are sewing! These lovely tote bags were made by Ginger Pahos, one of the women I met at an August BERNINA 830 LE VIP event.

Bridal Purses by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #embroidery

Romantic Purses for the Brides

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I was lucky enough to witness two beautiful weddings for two lovely brides this summer. One was my niece and the other a very special friend’s daughter. A bridal purse seemed like the right thing to make for each of these wonderful young women.

"BERNINA Button" Bag by Mary Beck, The Sewing Room, Tucson, Texas #sewing #diy

BERNINA Buttons on Our Bags

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I loved the “sew” buttons they had at BU. I needed a new lunch tote to match my new coffee mug, so I used V6 to do the lettering and the cutwork tool to set up the circles for cutting and stitching.

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Hello, My Name is Sam…

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I designed these pillowcases for a young man I met at the hospital I work at. He was so much like my nephew that I couldn’t help but feel for him.