Sewn In Love quilts for cancer patients

Sew to Serve: Sewn In Love

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The volunteer organization Sewn In Love is located in Tennessee, and is dedicated to helping cancer patients with donations of handmade quilts. The organization needs help from volunteers like you to sew to serve others.

Grand Central Centennial Quilts

Grand Central Centennial Quilts on Display at Grand Central Station, NYC

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The majestic Grand Central Terminal in NYC is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world. The City Quilter designed four fabrics to commemorate the 100th anniversary of one of the world’s most beautiful buildings and co-organized a national quilt-making challenge, Grand Central Centennial Quilts.

Wrap Them in Love organization

Sew to Serve: Wrap Them in Love

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Wrap Them in Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing love, warmth and comfort to children all over the world in the form of handmade blankets. See how you can sew to serve children in need along with Wrap Them in Love!


Modern Quilt Guild SewDown Portland, a.k.a. “SnowDown,” Slide Show

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What an exciting weekend at SewDown Portland! Nearly eight inches of snow fell on the city, effectively keeping us “snowed-in” at The Nines Hotel. We didn’t care – we were there to SEW!

Pipes challenge quilt by Georgia Bonesteel

Four Approaches to a “Pipes and Piping” Quilt Challenge

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Have you ever taken part in a quilt challenge? Here are entries made by four different artists – Georgia Bonesteel, Connie Brown, Janice Maddox, and Judy Simmons – for a pipes and piping-themed challenge.

Pipes - by Georgia Bonesteel

What Makes a Successful “Art Quilt”? The “WOW” Factor.

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Kerby Smith photographed Georgia Bonesteel’s “Pipes” quilt at a recent BERNINA Ambassador retreat, which prompted this post on attributes of a successful “art quilt.”

one dozen quilt projects using fabric scraps

12 Ways to Bust Your Quilt Fabric Scrap Stash

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Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter shares tips for making the most of your scrap fabric stash, including a dozen scrap-busting projects.

how to select a color palette

Quilt Color Inspiration is Everywhere

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Selecting colors for a project can be challenging or intimidating. Jennifer Gigas shares a super-simple way to evaluate your color palette selections. Try it for your next project!

Teri Lucas - Go Mini or Go Home - WeAllSew

Go Mini! Why Teri Lucas Loves Her 1/4″ Patchwork Foot

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Have you ever wondered how to sew perfect 1/8″- and 1/4″-wide seams? Quilt artist Teri Lucas shares some insight on the tools she uses to achieve perfectly-sized seam allowances.

Renae Allen's Quartro Decennie quilt.

How to Design a Wholecloth Quilt: Renae Allen’s “Quatro Décennie”

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Read about the design and quilting of Renae Allen’s “Quartro Decennie” quilt – a beautiful wholecloth quilt with exquisite hearts, feathers, and fills.