Wrap Burp Cloth with Bottle Pocket - WeAllSew

How to Make a Wrap Burb Cloth with Heat Retention Bottle Pocket

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Whether you have a new family member on the way or need a sure-to-be-a-hit gift for a baby shower, this burp cloth is a must-have accessory. The heat-retaining bottle pocket makes them the perfect on-the-go solution.

Heart shaped treat pocket

How To Sew A Simple Heart Shaped Treat Pocket

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Sew a simple heart with a pocket to hold a little sweet treat or love note for your favorite Valentine.

Easy DIY Ribbon Pencil Case

How to Make a Pen and Pencil Case from Pieces of Ribbon

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This pencil case is made entirely of 1″-wide ribbon. Adapt to any size: Use a single piece of ribbon to hold just one special pencil or pen, two ribbons for a pencil/pen set, or multiple ribbons for a set of artists pens, pencils, or brushes.

How to Make a Fabric Book with Zipped-Up Secret Messages

How to Make a Fun Fabric Book with Zipped-Up “Secret Messages”

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Annie Smith, of Simple Arts and Annie’s Quilting Stash, shares a wonderful fabric book she created for her granddaughter using scraps of fabric and trims – a great scrap-stash-busting project!

Perfect Piecing

How To Make Perfectly Pieced Tiny Squares

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Making projects from tiny pieced squares is a hot trend right now, and here is my favorite easy method for sewing perfect rows of tiny squares every time.

How to Make a Leather-Trimmed Laptop Case - WeAllSew

How to Make a Leather-Trimmed Laptop Case

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When your laptop is your data center, you want to be sure it gets the protection it deserves. With its clean lines and distinctive textures, this chic leather-trimmed case turns your laptop into a fashion accessory.

How to Make a Jar or Bottle Topper

How to Make a Jar or Bottle Topper: Quick-and-Easy Last-Minute Gift Idea

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This easy-to-make jar or bottle topper is a great last-minute gift. What a great excuse to play with all those decorative sittches on your sewing machine that you somehow never get around to using!

Extremely-Last-Minute Gifts Ideas - WeAllSew

Two Extremely-Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make in a Hurry

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Need a last-minute gift, but shudder at the thought of going out to shop on Christmas Eve? Here are some ideas for gifts you can make from things you probably have in your sewing room/stash.

100+ DIY Fat Quarter Projects

WeAllSew For The Holidays: 100+ DIY Sewing Gifts From Fat Quarters

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This week we’re sharing some of our favorite sewing projects that are quick to stitch together and can be made with just a fat quart of fabric or less!

DIY Tablet Sleeve by Mimi G for WeAllSew

WeAllSew For The Holidays: 15 DIY Geeky Gifts

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This week we’re sharing some of our favorite geeky projects for making and giving! Create a custom camera bag, coordinating computer mouse pad and wrist rest set, or make a one-of-a-kind cover for a phone, a laptop, or even a book.