DIY Pillows

DIY Decorative Pillows

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If you find your living space needs a little pick-me-up or refreshing, we suggest adding a few personalized throw pillows to brighten your room. Choose from our 12 favorite free decorative pillow tutorials!

How to Sew a Lace Pillow - free diy tutorial

How to Make a Shades of Lace Pillow

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Give the humble pillow a new dimension with bands of intricate lace. Mix-and-match layers create an intriguing effect. Perfect for odds and ends of leftover lace tapes and ruffles. Guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Arrows & Hexies Bed Runner

How to Make an Arrows and Hexies Bed Runner

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Pat Bravo brings a modern twist to sewing hexagons in our first WeAllSew webinar, Wednesday, February 26. View the webinar (or recording) at; download the instructions here on WeAllSew.

How to Make a Bias Tape Throw Pillow

How to Make a Bias Tape Throw Pillow

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Classic lines and simple geometry add a distinctive touch to your décor. Have fun with contrasting colors or indulge your fondness for tone-on-tone subtlety. The result is a simple object with striking effect.

How to make a lovey-dovey heart pillow

How to Make a Lovey-Dovey Pillow

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In the mood for a little romance? Whether the answer is “Yes” or “No,” this cute Lovey-Dovey Pillow is a humorous way to signal your intentions.

Curtain with Lace Inserts

How to Make a Curtain with Lace Inserts

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From plain to chic in a jiffy, add sophistication to a simple curtain in very few steps. All you need is some fabric, lace strips and a ruler. A few straight seams later and voilà!

100+ DIY Fat Quarter Projects

WeAllSew For The Holidays: 100+ DIY Sewing Gifts From Fat Quarters

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This week we’re sharing some of our favorite sewing projects that are quick to stitch together and can be made with just a fat quart of fabric or less!

Vintage Bundles - free DIY easy-to-sew door stop, paperweight, and lavender sachet.

How to Make Doorstops, Pattern Weights, and Lavender Sachets from Vintage Linens – by Juliette Lanvers for WeAllSew

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That antique tea towel you picked up at a rummage sale or charity shop deserves a new lease on life. What better way to do this than to repurpose it into a charming doorstop, some pattern weights, or lavender sachets, all shaped as cute triangles?

DIY Tablet Sleeve by Mimi G for WeAllSew

WeAllSew For The Holidays: 15 DIY Geeky Gifts

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This week we’re sharing some of our favorite geeky projects for making and giving! Create a custom camera bag, coordinating computer mouse pad and wrist rest set, or make a one-of-a-kind cover for a phone, a laptop, or even a book.

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How to Make “Jingle All the Way” Stockings – by Vanessa Christenson for WeAllSew

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Our family was in dire need of new holiday stockings, so I set out to make some super-fast but cute stockings. Get the how-to for these bright and cheery stockings!