gathering foot

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Gathering Foot #16 and Button Sew-On Foot #18

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Wide Gathering Foot #16 partners with Button Sew-On Foot #18 to create a uniquely textured and embellished pillow front.

Embroider Anything - DIY tutorial

How to Put Embroidery on ANYTHING – Without Stitching On It!

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Have you ever wanted to have embroidery on a garment or item, but didn’t want to actually embroider ON the item? Or embroider your jeans without having to unstitch the seams? Kay has a fabulous technique to share!

BERNINA Circular Embroidery Attachment #83

How to Sew Perfect Circles: FREE Video Tutorial

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Have you ever tried to sew a perfectly round circle? Most of us can’t even draw a nicely-shaped circle, let alone stitch one! But you really CAN sew beautiful circles – with a little help from Circular Embroidery Attachment #83. This clever device attached to the bed of your sewing machine and has a movable

Tips for writing sewing tutorials

Tips on Writing a Sewing Tutorial

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Have you ever thought about sharing one of your own original projects or techniques in a tutorial, but your not quite sure where to begin? Our WeAllSew Experts have written hundreds of online tutorials, and now we’re sharing our top tutorial writing tips to help you put start your own tutorial!

Applique Mastery by Philippa Naylor

How to Stitch Perfect Satin Stitch Circles

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A great tip from the upcoming book Applique Mastery: Perfect Satin Stitch Circles by Philippa Naylor.

3 Tips for Sewing Bulky Fabrics

3 Tips for Sewing Layers of Thick Fabric

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What do you do when you’re having trouble sewing through layers of thick fabric – when the needle just won’t go through the fabric without skipped stitches, stalling, and broken needles?

How to Use Paper Templates for Embroidery Templates

Embroidery Basics: How to Use Paper Templates for Marking Designs

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Paper templates are invaluable for determining and marking fabric for embroidery designs. Here are several tips on printing and using them for successful embroidery plaement.

Paula Nadelstern, Myst

Teaching and Exhibiting Abroad: Nadelwelt Quilt Show with Paula Nadelstern

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Quilt artist, instructor, and author Paula Nadelstern shares some tips for teaching and exhibiting work abroad.

Sewing machine presser feet - embellishments

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Zipper Foot with Guide #14 and Double-Cording Foot #59/60

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A while back I told you about the Made to Create pillows made by BERNINA Educators, each one featuring a different set of presser feet or accessories. Today I’m going to show you mine and tell you a little about the feet I used.

7 Must-Have Embroidery Essentials

Embroidery Basics: 7 Essential Supplies

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If you are just getting started in machine embroidery, check out this “must have” list. You will of course also need an embroidery machine and the hoop(s) that came with it!