french seam

How to Sew French (and Almost French) Seams

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When sewing with sheer and/or very lightweight fabrics, the seam finish is particularly important. One solution is a French seam, in which the raw edges are encased in fabric, creating a very narrow, smooth, finished edge.

magnifying lens

How to Use the Magnifier Set Lenses

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It’s easy to thread a sewing machine needle when you have these little lenses to bring everything into focus!

7 sewing tips

7 Sewing Tips from an Award-Winning Quilter

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These seven sewing tips are good advice for ALL sewists, not just quilters!

retro birds

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Embroidery Machine Applique

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Sweet appliqued birdies flock together on the front of Elva Mungai’s Made to Create pillow, which features Retro Birds Embroidery Collection #21001.

sewing machine blind hem

How to Stitch a Drapery Hem

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The final step in making custom draperies is hemming each panel with a hem that finishes the edge but also adds weight to help the drapery hang well. A deep, double-turned blind hem is the answer.

six tips for sewing pleather

6 Tips for Sewing Pleather

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It’s all about pleather! I love designing handbags, and I’ve developed my own techniques for using pleather to sew leather straps. You can make them, too! Here are some tips that will give you the confidence to tackle sewing pleather with ease!!

DIY Mini Piping

How to Make Mini Piping

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Did you know that the Clear Applique Foot #23 is also great for making mini-piping?

perfect quilt binding

The 80/20 Rule Applied to Quilting: Perfect Bindings

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Have you ever thought what makes an award-winning quilt different from the rest?

gathering foot

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Gathering Foot #16 and Button Sew-On Foot #18

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Wide Gathering Foot #16 partners with Button Sew-On Foot #18 to create a uniquely textured and embellished pillow front.

Embroider Anything - DIY tutorial

How to Put Embroidery on ANYTHING – Without Stitching On It!

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Have you ever wanted to have embroidery on a garment or item, but didn’t want to actually embroider ON the item? Or embroider your jeans without having to unstitch the seams? Kay has a fabulous technique to share!