How to Select the Right Digital Cameras for Stitchers

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This is gift season, and many of my students want to know, what is the best camera to give or receive for a fabric artist? A camera is a tool and like a sewing machine, it enables us to fulfill our creative vision. The better the tool, the easier it is to take a picture or stitch a project.

tailor tack fringe

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Tailor Tack Foot #7

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Another pillow in the Made to Create accessory series, this one featuring Tailor Tack Foot #7 and fringed details.

machine quilting needles

Quilting Basics: Machine Quilting Needles

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Machine Quilting needles are made especially for piecing and machine quilting. They are one of several items that contribute to an excellent outcome.

stabilizer tip

Embroidery Basics: Tip for Storing Stabilizer Information Sheets

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Here’s a trick for keeping stabilizer information sheets neatly stored right with the stabilizer roll where they will be easy to find every time you need them.

leather roller foot

DIY JumboTrim with Leather Roller Foot #55

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Leather Roller Foot #55 is definitely one of the most unusual looking presser feet in the BERNINA collection but it’s also one of the most fun to use!

straight stitch plate

Simple Tip for Better Piecing and Quilting: Use a Straight Stitch Plate

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The straight stitch plate for your machine is one of the very best accessories to help improve machine piecing and machine quilting.

sewing machine needles

Tips for Selecting the Correct Needle Type and Size for Your Project

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Super tips from Deborah Cacciamani, BERNINA Educator, on selecting the best needle and thread combination for your sewing projects.

Embroidered-Applique Center Circles

Appliqué Center Circles the Easy Way – by Embroidery Machine!

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Appliquéd center circles are easy when you stitch them on your embroidery machine!

Free-motion quilting and BERNINA Stitch Regulator Video by Lisa Calles

Free-Motion Quilting Tips – Video Tutorial with Lisa Calle

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Expert quilter Lisa H. Calle of Stone House Quilting shares tips for free-motion quilting, including her favorite quilting features on the BERNINA 750 Quilting Edition sewing machine and using the BERNINA Stitch Regulator.

easy corded edge

How to Apply Cording for a Quick Edge Finish

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Need a quick way to finish the outer edge of a book cover, bag, or wall hanging? This simple couching method uses a 4 mm-6 mm cord and can be sewn to an edge that is finished (faced or lined), folded, or has two or more layers of raw edges.