diy hen saddle

How to Make a Chicken Apron or Hen Saddle

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Yes, chickens do wear aprons! Just ask your friends who keep poultry in their backyards – if they don’t already have these for their feathered friends, they’ll want you to make some!

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Log Cabin Patchwork Café Apron by Erika Mulvenna

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Stay clean and dry in the kitchen with a stylish patchwork café apron, pieced with a modern log cabin design.

Art Day is Fun Day Apron - paintwork tool and software

Art Day is Fun Day Apron

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Art day (play day) is not just for kids! We too have toys that we love to play with and my new favorite one is PaintWork

Fidget Rock Garden

Getting Ready to Garden!

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Here in Chicago we’re starting to pull things together for the much anticipated gardening seaseon (is it spring yet?), including taking stock of our gardening “stuff”. I was thinking – what better way to keep all of our tools in order than to stitch up a few organizers? It didn’t take me long to find a bunch of awesome tutorials and projects – and here are my favorites!


Sew an Apron to Show Your Graditude

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This year the day right before Thanksgiving is National Tie One On Day. Give an apron (or wrap an apron around a homemade baked gift) and pass it along to someone in need as a way to give thanks. We’re celebrating by sharing one of our favorite apron projects, the one yard “no-waste” apron.

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Put the “Give” Back in Thanksgiving with National Tie One On Day™

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Over the years, I’d noticed Thanksgiving talked about in terms more commonly associated with stress than joy. Remembering my mother’s absolute love of Thanksgiving as a day more than anything else of sharing and gratefulness, I embarked on a personal campaign to put the “give” back into Thanksgiving.

Fourth of July Apron by Tari Intardonato

4th of July Apron by Tari Intardonato

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Tari Intardonato celebrates the Fourth of July with a patriotic apron, fashioned from a plain dishtowel and embellished with embroidery from OESD collection #12308, Radiant Celebrations.

gail garber -- apron 2 315x214px

Apron Auction at Quilting by the Lake — Gail Garber

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Gail Garber, BERNINA National Artisan, shows off the apron she made for the Quilting by the Lake apron auction.


Men’s BBQ Apron by Stacy Schlyer

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Nothing says “summer” like a BBQ and no one loves barbecuing more than your guy. This season show him your love of his grillin’ skills with a hand-made apron!


Two Tone Apron by Kathryn Goodman

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Spicing things up in the kitchen has never been so simple! The next time you’ve got something yummy to make, sport this charming two-tone apron and the compliments won’t be far behind. It’s easy to create, and a lot of fun to wear.