DIY Gifts for Kids

DIY Gifts for Little Kids with Big Imaginations

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If you know a little kid with a big imagination, we’ve got the perfect handmade gift idea! Create play toys and accessories for a superhero or caring for dolly with these tutorials.

Cape Feature

What Can Make A Kid Feel “Super”?

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Nothing makes a kid feel more “super” than a handmade custom superhero cape! Be a creative caped crusader by making a custom cape for a kid you know with one of these super tutorials.

DIY Lined Faux Fur Capelet

How to Make a Faux Fur Capelet

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Faux fur achieves true style in this simple, classic design. Go ahead and dress it up or down, wrap yourself in a bit of glam and make a striking entrance. Nothing draws the eye like feline elegance.

DIY Dog Cape

DIY Doggedly-Dandy Dog Cape

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Your pooch will be up for any occasion when the fancy strikes.Think Halloween, holidays, etc. Have twice the fun and match your little friend’s outfit to yours – strut your stuff together!

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The Red Halloween Cape

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This year I set out to sew a Halloween costume masterpiece, at least that is what I told my friends all summer.