Make-up Bag by Stacy Schlyer

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Tired of that same old drab bag of tricks? Well, use your super sense of style and stitch up your very own uniquely you makeup bag. It’s big enough to carry everything you need to look fabulous and tough enough to handle whatever your hectic life throws at it.


Shower Tote by Kathryn Goodman

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Tired of toting bottles, jars and jugs of everything you need to get squeaky clean to and from the shower? Yeah, we feel ya. So here’s a shower caddy with enough style to make carrying it all fun. Made of mesh fabric and bold prints, it’s also designed to let your toiletries dry off as quickly as you do.

DIY Cosmetic Brush Case Tutorial

How to Make a Folding Cosmetic Brush Case

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Make-up brushes help make us look great. So make a great bag to help them look good and last longer. This project is designed to be customized to fit brushes of any size, so altering the dimensions to house your set is almost as easy as choosing a different shade of eye shadow.


Contrasting Pillowcases – American Patchwork & Quilting

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Sew an easy project and help members of your community. Download this basic pillowcase pattern and start stitching!


Tidy Tray by Juliette Lanvers

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You simply must check out this adorable Tidy Tray project. Put it near your door or on your dresser to always keep your keys right where you’ll remember putting them.


Juice Pouch by Stacy Schlyer

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Students need pencils, pens and protractors. Sewers need needles, pins and thread. And all ladies need lip gloss, mascara and double-stick tape. So here’s a project to keep all your “Where’s my” and “I can’t find mys” in check. It’s a unique zippered bag made of foil juice pouches!


Burnished Denim Pouch by Melanie Testa

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Browsing the boutiques, it’s amazing how pricey wallets and makeup bags have become. And they’re rarely exactly what you’re looking for. So we say, why not just make your own? This too-cool-for-your-own-good denim zipper pouch is perfect for keeping things safe and organized while also showing off your style.


T-Shirt Drawstring Bag by Stacy Schlyer

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How often do you venture to the back of your wardrobe where all those old club, race and team t-shirts are lurking? We’ll guess not too often. So why not make use of those oversized tees and turn them into a smart backpack-style tote?


Laundry Bag by Stacy Schlyer

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There’s nothing more ghastly than a pile of dirty duds collecting in the corner of your bedroom or closet. So to keep you clear from a disaster such as that, you can whip up an adorable laundry bag that keeps your dirties neat until wash day.


Key Wristlet and Dog Leash by Juliette Lanvers

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Walking the dog may seem like a chore, but trust us, taking a stroll with Fido is no time to skimp on your style. That’s where this handy-dandy key wristlet and matching dog leash come in