t-shirt sleeve drawstring pouch feature 315x214 w

Happy Earth Day 2013! Upcycled T-Shirt Sleeve Drawstring Pouch

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I was looking for an appropriate post for Earth Day, and then Jenelle over at TrashN2Tees told me about these little bags she makes out of t-shirt sleeves. Super idea! I pulled a pretty purple sleeve out of my stash of deconstructed t-shirts and 20 minutes later I had this cute little pouch!


5 Super Easy Holiday Sewing Project Ideas from Handmade Charlotte

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Sewing for the holidays should be fun, and not add stress to an already often hectic season. We would like to make it even easier for you by clueing you in on five super simple sewing projects that can be done in an afternoon, easy enough to replicate for any number of gifts or decor for the season.

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Quick as a Wink! Sew Easy Holiday Gifts

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If you’re looking for some great ideas for last minute Sew Easy Holiday Gifts, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve all come together to share our favorite projects that are easy to stitch up “quick as a wink,” and here they are!

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All Decked Out for the Holidays: Sew Easy Holiday Gifts

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Welcome to our second week of sharing Sew Easy Holiday Gifts! This week we shift the focus to fashion accessories that make perfect gifts in the winter season. From easy scarves to accessories, these are our handpicked favorites.