design transfer screen

How to Move a Design from Your Computer to Your Embroidery Machine – In the Right Format!

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You’ve purchased an embroidery design and have it safely tucked away in a folder on your computer. The next step: Send the design to your embroidery machine. But how do you know which files to send?

Stumpwork Wreath

Decking the Halls – With Stumpwork

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This charming wreath features three-dimensional stumpwork holly leaves.

Steam Punk Pillow

Steam Punk Pillow Featuring the CrystalWork Tool and Circular Embroidery Attachment

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This fabulous steampunk pillow was embellished entirely by machine – yes, even the marker and crystal designs!

CrystalWork - how to cut a template

CrystalWork Software: Creating a Design Template

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A DesignWorks tutorial from Sarah Vedeler, using the CrystalWork Software and Tool to create a template for making iron-on crystal designs.

BERNINA CutWork Tool

How to Use the CutWork Tool: Free Video Tutorial

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Did you know some embroidery machines can do more than just stitch? For instance, my embroidery machine can cut fabric, foam, paper, cardstock, wood… pretty much anything I can put in a hoop. How? Read on…

western mug rug by Amanda whitlatch #bernina #sew #paint #cutwork #fringe #cowboy #mug rug #software #embroidery machine #weallsew

Western Mug Rug

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This project is my take on a mug rug by Kay Hickman. Needless to say, I have an inability to follow directions. I wanted to work with leather so I could really make it look like a rug… fringe and all.

BERNINA PaintWork Software - drawing with your embroidery machine #sew #diy

Guess Who Just Got Her PaintWork Software?

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Guess Who Just Got Her PaintWork Software? Me! Tried it out on a little project. The design is one that comes with the Software. It is so cool! :) Mary

cancy cover w candy bar 315x214px

Halloween Candy Covers

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Using the BERNINA CutWork Software and Tool makes cutting these clever candy covers super-easy!