How to Sew an Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

How to Sew an Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

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Don’t let a long cold winter cramp your style! It’s time to work on your breezy summer wardrobe, and this skirt is your ticket to an easygoing summer attitude.

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How to Make Stretch Leggings on Your Overlocker/Serger – by IDILVICE

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My new clothing brand – Elastic Wonder – is all about stretch and tight fit. Skin. Tight. Fit. For this type of garment a regular sewing machine just won’t do!


What To Do With Your Worn-Out Wardrobe

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When you clean out your closets and drawers to find worn-out or barely worn clothes that you no longer wear, what do you do? Here are some great ideas for what to do with your worn-out wardrobe!

High-Low Skirt by Mimi G for WeAllSew #diy #bernina #tutorial #free project #skirt #fashion #sew #elastic waist #knit skirt #uneven hemline

High-Low Skirt by Mimi G. for WeAllSew

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Short on time, long on style! Use simple techniques to create a most fashionable outcome. This skirt is easy to make and lets you dress it up or down to match any occasion.

2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Review

2013 New York Fashion Week Review

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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York wrapped up yesterday, showcasing new designs and fashion lines from the world’s top designers. Do you have a favorite designer or or collection from this year’s Fashion Week in New York?


Dressed For The Beach

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Do you need a quick summer cover up for the beach or the pool this summer? You’re sure to like one of these free swim suit cover ups, two of which require no sewing!

serged tank top by michelle jensen for weallsew #sew #serge #serger #overlock #overlocker #fashion #top #tank #summer #free project #free pattern #tutorial

Serged Tank Top

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Who said that sewing with knits is scary? This basic tank top can be your perfect introduction. Made in a flash using an overlocker/serger, it’s so easy you’ll want to make several! Useful for layering or as a stand-alone basic, this tank top will be your go-to garment come the dog days of summer.

Super Simple Envelope Clutch by Handmade Charlotte - Rachel Faucett - for WeAllSew #sew #fashion #accessory #free project #tutorial #bag #purse #tote #weallsew

Super Simple Envelope Clutch by Handmade Charlotte for WeAllSew

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Update your warm weather wardrobe with this super simple but extremely hip clutch. This sweet little purse is a beginner to intermediate project. You’ll be shocked at how fast this sews up. You can go the sweet and subtle route like we did or add a funky pattern.

BohemianShoulderBag FreeSewingProject

How to Make a Bohemian Shoulder Bag – from Inspiration Magazine and WeAllSew

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Looking for a fun and practical project for sewers of all levels? This cool-looking bag goes from super simple to super trendy with plenty of options for embellishment. Enjoy playing with decorative stitches on your machine and splash some color in the process. Walk away (and around!) with a casual bag that shows some serious groove.

Faux Fur Capelet by Nicole Smith for WeAllSew #sew #diy

Faux Fur Capelet by Nicole Smith for WeAllSew

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Faux fur achieves true style in this simple, classic design. Go ahead and dress it up or down, wrap yourself in a bit of glam and make a striking entrance. Nothing draws the eye like feline elegance.