Beret and Mitts from Old Sweater

How to Make Juliette’s Namaste Beret and Wrist Warmers

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We all know what it’s like to find your most beloved sweater coming out of the wash in a matted, shrunken condition – about five sizes too small! Re-craft the now thicker wool into something you can wear and enjoy again. Add a touch of embroidery and you have a designer exclusive!

Holiday S2S Feature

WeAllSew For The Holidays: 9 Ways to Sew to Serve in Wintertime

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We all love hand making for the holidays, and each Friday from now through the end of the year we’re sharing some of our favorite seasonal sewing projects. This week we’re sharing some of our favorite quick-and-easy projects for winter warmth, from mittens to quilts, that make wonderful gifts for those in need this season.

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A Halloween Costume for Emily (There’s a Mask, Too!)

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Isn’t Emily adorable in her witch’s costume? [Update 09/11/13: Karen made a mask, too!]


Sew to Serve Brimming with Love

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The volunteer organization Brimming with Love needs help to offer free handmade hats to cancer patients – read about how you can help sew to serve others.

Convertible Mittens by Stacy Schlyer for WeAllSew #sew #diy #mittens #free project #upcycle

Festive Finery

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Need some holiday sewing inspiration? Well, look no further, for today we’re sharing our favorite free wearable projects fit for your “festive finery”!