aligning centers in hoopless embroidery

Embroidery Basics: Two Techniques for Aligning Centers in Hoopless Embroidery

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It can be tricky to align fabric to stabilizer when using “hoopless” embroidery techniques. Here are two simple techniques for achieving perfect placement.

Hooping for Embroidery

Embroidery Basics: The Machine Embroidery Hoop

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Machine embroidery is one of my favorite hobbies! I love the precision you can achieve! One key to getting that precision is properly hooping the fabric and stabilizer.

Embroidery Basics 2: "Hooping" Without a Hoop by Kay Hickman #sew #embroider #diy

Embroidery Basics 2: “Hooping” Without a Hoop

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What can you do when you want to embroider an item that won’t fit into an embroidery hoop? Some items are too small, such as collars and onesies, and others are too bulky, such as quilts and denim jackets. Kay Hickman shows how to secure these items in the hoop using paper-backed, pressure-sensitive stabilizers.

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project - by Kay Hickman #sew #embroider #diy

Embroidery Basics: Marking and Hooping Your Project

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As I travel around the country, I find that I am often asked about hooping. Hooping is the most essential – but probably the least understood – component of embroidery. A lot of the embroidery “mistakes” that we tend to blame on stabilizers or designs may actually be a result of improper hooping techniques. One of