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Quilting Basics: Machine Quilting Needles

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Machine Quilting needles are made especially for piecing and machine quilting. They are one of several items that contribute to an excellent outcome.

Chandelier Quilt-Along

Chandelier Quilt Along: Week Two – Make the Blocks

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It’s Week 2 of our quilt-along with Lee Heinrich. This week we assemble the blocks for our Chandelier Quilt.

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Perfect Patchwork Piecing Tip: Elmer’s School Glue!

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A simple but brilliant tip for perfect piecing.


Chandelier Quilt-Along: Week One – Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

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Join Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced for Week One of our Chandelier Quilt-Along.

Patchwork Foot #97/97D

NEW! Patchwork Foot #97/97D for 7 mm Feed Machines – FREE Video Tutorial

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The newest accessory from BERNINA made its debut last week at our annual dealer event, BERNINA University – Patchwork Foot #97/97D, a quarter-inch foot designed especially for use with machines that have a 7 mm-wide feed. It was a huge hit!

Perfect Piecing

How To Make Perfectly Pieced Tiny Squares

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Making projects from tiny pieced squares is a hot trend right now, and here is my favorite easy method for sewing perfect rows of tiny squares every time.

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Half-Square Triangles with LUKE Haynes

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I have been making quilts for 10 years and only in the past few have been learning anything about traditional patterns. I want to show you how I sew half square triangles and the methods [and pitfalls] of how to put them together into just one of the myriad of possible blocks using them.

Sandi's Holiday Table Runner  #bernina #sew #quilt #home dec #runner #weallsew #circles #squares

Sandi’s Holiday Table Runner

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How did it get to be July already? The holidays are only six months away – it’s time to start sewing! Here’s a simple-to-sew table runner from Sandi Gass at Sandi’s Sewing Connection in West Burlington, Iowa. Looking for something larger? Make more blocks and stitch them together to make table toppers and quilts.

Piece-by-Piece webinar and project feature 315x214px w

Just SEW It! Piece by Piece

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Learn the basics of patchwork piecing and look at tools, tips, and tricks to make piecing fast and fun. Explore tube piecing, wallpaper piecing and other techniques that go beyond the basics of sewing two patches together.

running stitch - for joining quilt batting - piecing #sew #quilt #diy #tip #weallsew

The Running Stitch – Not Just for Quilting

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The running stitch – three zigs to the left, three zags to the right, repeat – has been getting a lot of notice lately in Modern Quilting as an alternative to quilting with lines of plain straight stitch. But that’s not the only way to use the running stitch. It’s also excellent for piecing together remnants of batting.