sewing machine blind hem

How to Stitch a Drapery Hem

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The final step in making custom draperies is hemming each panel with a hem that finishes the edge but also adds weight to help the drapery hang well. A deep, double-turned blind hem is the answer.

gathering foot

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Gathering Foot #16 and Button Sew-On Foot #18

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Wide Gathering Foot #16 partners with Button Sew-On Foot #18 to create a uniquely textured and embellished pillow front.

Sewing machine presser feet - embellishments

Made to Create Pillow Featuring Zipper Foot with Guide #14 and Double-Cording Foot #59/60

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A while back I told you about the Made to Create pillows made by BERNINA Educators, each one featuring a different set of presser feet or accessories. Today I’m going to show you mine and tell you a little about the feet I used.

BERNINA Echo-Quilting and CutWork Foot #44C

3 Ways to Use Echo-Quilting and CutWork Foot #44C

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What’s your favorite free-motion quilting foot? We all have our preferences – small, large, metal, clear, open, closed – but my new go-to favorite is Echo-Quilting and CutWork Foot #44C.

Made to Create - Presser Feet and Accessories series

Made to Create: Sewing Machine Accessories Series

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Today I’m kicking off a series of posts about presser feet and other sewing machine tools, based on the Made to Create pillow project. Scroll through the photos and see if you can guess which accessories were used for each pillow.

BERNINA Accessory app

Have You Downloaded the BERNINA Accessory App?

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Have you downloaded BERNINA’s new Accessory App? Currently available for Mac iOS 6 and 7 (iPad and iPhone) and Android 4.0 and up, the app will soon be available for Kindle devices. What does it do? Well, let me tell you…

Sewing Tote by Karen Ann Betts #sew #diy

Sewing on Clear Vinyl! My New Sewing Tote

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Karen Betts writes: I just finished sewing the coolest project! I saw the pattern, “Classmate” by Atkinson Designs, at my local BERNINA store, Nancy’s Calico Patch in Newport News, VA. This was the first time I’d sewn with clear vinyl – and it was amazingly fun and easy!!

Zippered Bags by Nina McVeigh #sew #diy

Great Little Zippered Pouches

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I made these great zippered pouches using a pattern from Atkinson Designs called “Bridget’s Bagettes.” They will make great Christmas gifts for the grandkids with personalized little gifts inside. I can even coordinate the fabric with the gift!

debbi leather jacket 315x214px feature

A Project Worth Waiting For — My Leather Jacket

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Sometimes it is rewarding to just take your time and work on a project that can’t be done in a day, such as this leather jacket. Thank goodness BERNINA has special presser feet that are great for sewing on leather!

purple pintucks plus Just Sew It logo

Just Sew It! Textile Textures on January 19th

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Join us on January 19th for a FREE Just Sew It! webinar on Textile Textures – exploring easy ways to create texture on fabric using speciality threads and presser feet, changing plain fabric from flat to fabulous!