Pipes challenge quilt by Georgia Bonesteel

Four Approaches to a “Pipes and Piping” Quilt Challenge

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Have you ever taken part in a quilt challenge? Here are entries made by four different artists – Georgia Bonesteel, Connie Brown, Janice Maddox, and Judy Simmons – for a pipes and piping-themed challenge.

Pipes - by Georgia Bonesteel

What Makes a Successful “Art Quilt”? The “WOW” Factor.

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Kerby Smith photographed Georgia Bonesteel’s “Pipes” quilt at a recent BERNINA Ambassador retreat, which prompted this post on attributes of a successful “art quilt.”

Brandy Maslowski's quilt - That Bloomin' Curve #diy #sew #quilt #weallsew.com


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Brenda Maslowski always kids about making sure her BERNINA sewing machine is seat-belted into the vehicle before checking if anyone else is safe and secure, so you can imagine her dismay the day her machine went silent.