diy quilt handing sleeve

Easy DIY Quilt Hanging Sleeve – Almost Entirely by Machine!

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Do you put off adding sleeves to your quilts because of all the hand stitching? Here’s a clever way to securely add a quilt sleeve almost entirely by machine. Only a few inches of hand-stitching required!

Paula Nadelstern, Myst

Teaching and Exhibiting Abroad: Nadelwelt Quilt Show with Paula Nadelstern

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Quilt artist, instructor, and author Paula Nadelstern shares some tips for teaching and exhibiting work abroad.

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Did you make it to the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year?

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This year we again captured some of our favorite moments from the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. See it for yourself – sit back and enjoy!

BERNINA Booth at International Quilt Market 2012 in Houston #sew

International Quilt Market 2012, Houston, TX

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A peek into International Quilt Market/Festival 2013 in Houston, TX.