Fair Isle Pillow Tutorial

Fair Isle Pillow Tutorial

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Thinking of starting your holiday sewing? This Nordic-inspired pillow will look great on your couch this holiday season, and it’s the perfect complement to Lee’s Fair Isle Christmas quilt pattern.

7 sewing tips

7 Sewing Tips from an Award-Winning Quilter

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These seven sewing tips are good advice for ALL sewists, not just quilters!

quilt block

Quick and Easy Playful Petals

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It was easy to cut and applique all the pretty petals for this quilt – my embroidery machine did it for me!

quilting for texture

What a Difference a Stitch Makes!

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The hand embroidery is complete on my Tilty Town #10 quilt and it’s ready for machine work. Why add machine stitching to this quilt measuring only 10” x 10”? Because I love the added patterning and texture unique to machine quilting.

straight line quilting

Quilting Basics: How to Secure Quilting Stitches

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Whether you are beginning or ending a line of quilting stitches, the stitches must be secured to keep them from coming undone. In this post I’ll teach you how to “pack the stitches,” a technique in which the first few stitches – or last few, if at the end of a line – are placed very, very close together.

Sewn In Love quilts for cancer patients

Sew to Serve: Sewn In Love

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The volunteer organization Sewn In Love is located in Tennessee, and is dedicated to helping cancer patients with donations of handmade quilts. The organization needs help from volunteers like you to sew to serve others.

Walking Foot #50

Using Walking Foot #50′s Three Different Soles: Free Video Tutorial

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The walking foot is a favorite among quilters. Would you be surprised to learn that it’s also a super accessory for sewing home decor, crafts, garments, and fashion accessories?

How to sew an exact 1/4" seam

Quilting Basics: The Importance of a Perfect Quarter Inch Seam

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What exactly is a “perfect quarter inch”? How does it differ from a “scant quarter inch”? What can you do to ensure your quarter-inch patchwork seams are exactly 1/4″ wide? We have some super tips from Nina McVeigh for you.

basic color theory - how to choose colors

Color Basics with Amanda Murphy

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What makes the colors in one quilt go “zing!” while others are just “ho-hum”? Amanda Murphy demonstrates how different color combinations, or palettes, affect the way we see color.


How To “Quilt Red” To Sew To Serve Others

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Quilt Red was organized by both quilters and quilt shop owners as a way to work together to spread the message of the importance of women’s heart health. Read more about Quilt Red and learn how you can help!