straight stitch plate

Simple Tip for Better Piecing and Quilting: Use a Straight Stitch Plate

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The straight stitch plate for your machine is one of the very best accessories to help improve machine piecing and machine quilting.

DIY Log Cabin Apron

DIY Log Cabin Patchwork Café Apron

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Stay clean and dry in the kitchen with a stylish patchwork café apron, pieced with a modern log cabin design.

Newborn Baby taken closeup in mother's Hand

Sew to Serve Newborns in Need

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There are many organizations that need help from sewists just like you and me to help newborn babies in need. It’s easy to take just a little bit of fabric to make a quilt, blanket, or items for a layette. We’ve put together a list of places that need your help to sew to serve babies in need across the globe, nationally, and in your own community.

bernina, modern heirloom baby quilt by bernadette day, modern quilting, quilt, heirloom, pintuck, puffing, applique, free-motion, wing needle, mini-piping, ruched piping, puffed border, baby quilt, wall quilt

A Modern Heirloom Wall Quilt by Bernadette Day

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Use some of the most popular heirloom sewing techniques for this beautiful project. The center features twin-needle pintucks, wing-needle stitching, and decorative stitches. Rouched mini-piping, free-motion quilting, puffed border, and a scalloped appliqué border finish off this delightful creation!

Dachshund Pencil Case by Jessica Abbott for WeAllSew #sew #diy #school #organize #free project #project #tutorial #weallsew #pencil case

Dachshund Pencil Case

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It is a well-known fact that little ones lose school supplies faster than you can procure them. The solution: Let their new best buddy keep track of their pencils. This zipper pouch is so cute your little one won’t want to part with it…problem solved.

home decor with handmade charlotte #home dec #sew #diy

Home Décor with Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte

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One of my favorite things to do is spend hours on the web seeing what other creative types are doing with their sewing machines. All it takes is to land on one fantastic creation and then there you go—from blog to blog to Pinterest to Flicker to whoops!—down the wormhole! But it’s an inspired trip.

Deconstruct a Shirt with LUKE Haynes #diy #sew #quilt #material #fabric #upcycle #recycle #organize #studio #storage #weallsew

Deconstruct a Shirt with LUKE Haynes

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Hey everyone! I want to share with you the way I disassemble a shirt into working yardage. I use this all the time to get material from the clothes I get from myself or from Goodwill.

can wrap by stacy schlyer for weallsew #sew #embroider #free project #tutorial #koozie

Can Wrap by Stacy Schlyer for WeAllSew

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Keep your cool. No sweaty palms. It’s as simple as putting a wrap on a cold can of soda. It is easier to hold and there’s no condensation to wet your hands. Jazz them up with fun summery colors or prints and personalize them with the names of your pals. A perfect party favor for

software extravaganza - creative center - feature B 315x214px w

Software Extravaganza Held at BERNINA Creative Center, Aurora, IL

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Another Software Extravaganza was held at the new BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, Illinois. Thirty attendees participated in the training and many shared their creative projects with other attendees.

tooth fairy pillow by stacy schlyer for weallsew #sew #tooth fairy #pocket #tooth

Tooth Fairy Pillow by Stacy Schlyer for WeAllSew

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Little ones with wiggly teeth deserve special pillows for their treasures. This Tooth Fairy Pillow sports a fun bicuspid shape, a big pocket for holding money, dental floss, fairy dust, etc., and a large hanger for placing over a bedpost or doorknob. After all, we don’t want the tooth fairy to miss it.