DIY Love mini-quilt

DIY Quilted LOVE Valentine’s Day Decor

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Make a quilted LOVE Valentine’s Day mini-quilt wall hanging with this tutorial from Quilt Artist and Teacher Frieda Anderson.

christmas tree pot holder

DIY Split Christmas Tree Potholders (or Hot Pads)

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These fun, festive potholders will liven up your kitchen for the holidays. They also make great gifts! If you prefer, adjust the size and turn this whimsical project into a wall-hanging or pillow.

Whimsy Houses Quilt

How to Make a Whimsy House Art Quilt

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Have fun making this free-flowing whimsy house art quilt that teaches a little bit about design, color selection, and free-motion machine quilting.

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Deer Quilt Sew-Along with LUKE Haynes – Week Four

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Week Four of our Deer Quilt Sew-Along with LUKE Haynes – it’s nearly finished!

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Turn Your Test Stitch-Outs and Orphan Quilt Blocks into Art!

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Linda H. has found a use for scraps and embroidery testings….putting them on pre-stretched art canvas, finishing the back, and hanging them on the wall in her sewing room. We think they look great!

Wool N' Spools by Paula Atwood #sew #diy #quilt #felt

“Wool N’ Spools” Needle-Punched Quilt

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The fabric for Paula Atwood’s “Wool N’ Spools” creation is reclaimed wool from old skirts, etc. that she took apart and felted in the washer. She cut out the positive/negative shapes and needle-punched them to the woolen base using BERNINA’s Needle Punch Accessory Set.

debbi spirograph feature 314x214px

Decorative Stitches à la CutWork

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I have been enjoying some time lately to explore other uses of BERNINA CutWork Software – not the traditional applique projects or cutwork projects. BERNINA CutWork Software has some wonderful decorative stitches as well – over 350 in fact!