BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-along Part 3

It is time for Part 3 of the BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-long! Some of you have posted pictures of your progress in my Facebook Group and I’m so excited so many of you are quilting along!

BERNINA Rulerwork Quiltalong Quilt Sampler

For those of you don’t know me, my name is Amanda Murphy and I’m a Quilting and Longarm Spokesperson for BERNINA, teacher, fabric designer for Contempo of Benartex, pattern designer, embroidery designer with OESD, and  author with C&T Publishing, and speaking of books.

I wanted to share that I have a brand new book—The Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book that is now shipping! It gives you 59 designs that you can make with just a basic set of rulers, like those in the BERNINA sets. It then goes on to show you variations and possible free-motion embellishments. You can find signed copies of the book on my website and we are doing a giveaway of a copy right here on WeAllSew. So make sure you read down to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter!

Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy

Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy

Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy

Ok, ready to quilt Month 3 of your sampler? Let’s get started.

Download the Instructions for the BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler for Month 3

BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler Month 3

For our Newbies That Just Joined the Quilt-along:

Visit Part I and Part II of the Rulerwork quilt-along here

BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-along, Part one

BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-along, Part two

Download the Set of Accompanying Instructions of the Rulerwork Quit-along Part I and Part II

BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler Month 1

BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler Month 2

For this post, I’ve filmed a video the next three sections of the BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-along Sampler.

Quilting Area 8 of the BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler

 Quilting Area 9 of the BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler

 Quilting Area 10 of the BERNINA Rulerwork Sampler

If you would like to see more quilting tutorials, please join me on my Facebook Group, Quilting with Amanda Murphy, and also keep an eye out for me here on WeAllSew!

You Could be the Lucky WeAllSew Winner of One Copy of the Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy!

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “What is your favorite rulerwork quilting design?” The giveaway is open through Friday, March 16h!

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Friday, March 16th at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Happy quilting and good luck!


97 thoughts on “BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-along Part 3

  1. Hi Amanda

    Thank you this quilt-a-long. It has really got me using my Bernina rulers. I am quilting on a Bernina 880 plus and so far love the orange peel design. I will use it often.

  2. I have always been in love with the clamshell design for some reason, it reminds me of the cottage shingles on a house by the shore where I can just spend hours watching the seasons pass through my picket fence.

  3. I am excited to learn all of these – just recently retired and am enjoying having more time to play. At this point I think my favorite is #8. Thank you for the lessons and the chance to win your book!

  4. So glad to have this review of using the rulers. I have had the rulers for over a year and just couldn’t get a handel on them. My favoRite so far as been the pebbles or just circles. Actually I will use all of them . Thanks.

  5. Thank you for the lessons on ruler work! I have had my rulers for a while and thought they were intimidating until now- the videos made it look like something I could try! My favorite design so far is the clamshells!

  6. I like the different things you can do with the circle rulers. One section reminds me of the old spirograph that I had as a child. Love those kind of designs.

  7. Just getting started with Rular work Iam good at doing pebbles but that’s it I thank your way of teaching is really good love the way you use circles to create different things like the clam shell just love it your book would help me a lot

  8. I love doing circles of all sizes, and that ruler can be used to make all different kinds of designs. I love how learning to use the quilting rulers is a new challenge for me, and I’m really enjoying it!!!

  9. My favorite so far has been circles. I absolutely can not make a decent circle with out my Bernina rulers. I am really enjoying these lessons and would love to have the book as the ultimate resource!

  10. I am new to long arm quilting (I have a mid-arm machine) and have wanted to learn ruler work. This sew-along has been a wonderful beginning! At this point, I found the cross-hatching and piano keys easiest, but my favorite at the moment is the Orange Peel, area 9. Thank you for this quilt-along, I am very interested in getting your book.

  11. This is so exciting… I took a year to use a walking foot to quilt a clam shells design on a small wall hanging. I can’t wait to try the same thing with these rulers!

  12. I’m just starting on part 3 so haven’t done any of them yet. I loved doing the triangles especially. This has been such a helpful tutorial and I thank you for doing it.

  13. Looking forward to learning all the tricks of using the rulers. So excited to be able to quilt my own quilts! My favorite so far is the crosshatch!

  14. I couldn’t say what my favorite is I love all of them but mostly I love that with the rulers I can quilt with my machine. I have so many quilt tops that I couldn’t afford to send to a quilter because I didn’t want just an all over design, now with the rulers I can finish them, I’m so excited. Thanks for using your time and knowledge to help me and others.

  15. I love the clamshells and have a great project to use them on. I got the ruler foot and rulers for Christmas but was too intimidated to use them so this project and the videos are perfect!

  16. Just started watching your series. What a lot of info! But not at all overwhelming. Thank you! So far no favorite design but I LOVE the straight lines that are actually straight lines!

  17. I am not sure if I have a favorite ruler yet. each one has its own challenges for me as I get better using them. I do like the circles and spirals and the waves. There is so much you can do with each one. Thanks for doing this quilt along!

  18. The most amazing thing for me is a straight line that is really straight! I’m doing the sample quilt on my Q20 sit down machine, so I feel like I’m cheating. It’s so easy! I’m hooked on the rulers.

  19. I first learned on the scallops, so that is my favorite since I am improving. Also like the ovals and circles and all of the combinations you can use to design.

  20. My favorite rulerwork quilting design is skewed triangles. I am a beginner in using the rulers and am very much looking forward to winning Amanda Murphy’s new book.

  21. I love the Orange Peel design. Thank you for teaching this Bernina Rulerwork class. I am the proud owner of a Q20 and am just getting started with learning how it works. I hope to see you demonstrating this Friday at the Sacramento Craft Festival.

  22. I have the B750 Quilters Edition. The only quilting I have done is straight line. I love these rulers, especially the circle ruler that is used to make circles, clam shells, orange peel, and other variations. I think I need the rulers!

  23. I do not have a favorite yet because I am new to Rulerwork. I can hardly wait to try the design in section 8! It looks like olives 🙂 I think this one will soon be one of my favorites!

  24. Hi Amanda-where can I get your rulerwork book and the rulers for the project (If I don’t win the book)?
    Thank you-I have been waiting for this kind of project since bought my Bernina 750 OE B.

  25. Thank you, Amanda, for these tutorials and PDF instructions. I got the rulers and presser foot as a Christmas 2017 present. I’m just now getting brave enough to use them. I have watched all the videos and think I’m ready to try this. I have a Bernina 790 and purchased your rulerworks book as well as your free-motion idea book.They are amazing, but you can only read so much before it is time to step out of your comfort zone. I’ve always used a long arm quilter instead of quilting my own quilts. I recently started free-motion for little projects. I think the rulers will be my new love.

  26. I love the clam shell design. I also really love Amanda Walters and her books. I would love to win this one to save the cash–because if I don’t win it, I’m buying it!!

  27. I am a fan of circles. On my machine I am having difficulty mastering straight line ruler work. Thanks for the tutorials and an opportunity to win a copy of your book.

  28. My favorite so far is area 4 (name I don’t know) arrow points! I am looking to quilt a Celtic wall hanging and the quilting design has arrow points in place of feathers… hmmm!! My first few areas look like a two year old did it! But I stopped and discovered my errors and made numerous changes – first to stitch, then thread, then practiced again on a scrap and it was more encouraging. Then I forgot to add together for circles and it made me unable to get my fingers around and I slipped. Another good lesson! And I THANK the person who wrote about taking off the backing. I thought it was “frosted!” But I couldn’t see the lines, so now I am feeling super high as it is all becoming clear! I even caught up. I don’t have the courage to put this effort on Facebook, but I sure am learning a lot! Thank you for this video. I am plotting to make some sample practices again when we are all through so I can become more proficient. Love reading comments – thanks to all!

  29. How can I get the WeAllSew instructions for lesson 11,12,&13 in ruler work from last spring & summer with Amanda Murphy! I see the you tube but need the instructions!

  30. I am thrilled to have discovered the “we all sew together blog”! I have been exposed to ruler quilting and it is taking me three years to learn how to get started. These videos are fabulous and I love how Amanda explains her tricks and tips. Soon I will start to use the Free Motion and Rulers together. Thanks for explaining how these compliment one another. My favourite design is now to use circle petals and diamonds with free-motion fill! I will be making your sampler. Love the PDF handout! I am currently taking the panel ruler class again. These videos are a God Send!

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