Block of the Month Series

Welcome to the BERNINA Block Party!

Block of the Month Introduction

I am Nina McVeigh, BERNINA Educator and Quilting and Longarm Specialist. I am delighted to be your host for our new Block of the Month party here at WeAllSew. Join me in creating this beautiful quilt one block at a time. I have designed the BERNINA Block Party quilt to not only help you improve your piecing skills, but also as a way to showcase quilting techniques.

Block of the Month Introduction-Alison Glass fabrics

These fun, colorful blocks were inspired by the Sun Print 2017 Andover fabric line designed by Alison Glass. Alison Glass is an artist and specifically a fabric and pattern designer. She designs fabric for Andover Fabrics, works with an array of lovely people to create quilt, embroidery and garment patterns and is an Ambassador for (and truly loves) BERNINA.

Sun Print 2017 is a vivid mix of intricate line work and appealing motifs. Each of the three prints is distinct, yet related. The range of colors makes it a truly useful fabric collection. In Overgrown, an urban fence is covered in organic shapes and fanciful graphics—a mix of reality and fiction. Link is a modern dot, subtle and with an under layer of bees, birds and stars. Meadow is a sweet design of puzzled together flowers, leaves, animals and geometrics. These rainbowy fabrics are paired perfectly with the gray chambray background fabric.

How it All Works

On the first Monday of each month, a new block will be posted with piecing instructions. The blocks vary in size and some months you may have to make three of the same block to create that month’s section. Save all of your fabrics from month to month as you will cut each month, but will need all remaining fabric for future months.

Block of the Month close-up

BERNINA Educator, Denise Jones, created original projects with each month’s block, you will see this project two weeks after each of the block instructions are posted. Her quick projects can easily be completed if you want to sew-along with us but are not looking to create a quilt.

Block of the Month Series

For the ambitious sewist, why not have twice the fun and make two blocks every month?! One for the quilt, and one for a quick project. Each project will focus on a different quilting technique so at the end you will have 12 quilting techniques under your belt.

So, before the party begins, let’s gather the supplies you will need. Some of our BERNINA stores will offer quilt kits and classes, so check with your local BERNINA store first.BERNINA 750

Gather Your Supplies

Fabric and Batting

  • 1 yard of a green
  • 1/2 yard of 3 pinks, 1 orange, 2 yellows, 1 blue
  • 1/4 yard of 2 blues, 2 purples, and a plum
  • Fat Eighth of an orange, yellow, green, blue, and 2 plums
  • 4-1/2 yards background fabric (I used Andover Chambray-Black)
  • 4-1/2 yards backing fabric
  • Batting of your choice. We used the Eversewn 60/40 Cotton/Poly blend in black. (finished size is 77″ x 77″)

Thread and Needles

  • A medium gray 50 weight cotton thread blends well with the colors I used
  • Needles
  • #70/10 Jeans Needle for piecing (my preferred piecing needle)
  • #80/12 Quilting Needle

Tools and Accessories

  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Be sure and check your cutting equipment. It may be time for a new blade in your rotary cutter and don’t forget to check your cutting mat, remember they wear out also.
  • Your favorite sewing machine. We sew on a BERNINA 570.

Make sure that your sewing machine is in good working order and you have cleaned and oiled it in preparation for piecing.

The Perfect Presser Foot

You will need a patchwork foot for perfect ¼″ piecing and we have quite a few to choose from. Click here if you need help deciding which is best for your machine.

BERNINA Patchwork Feet Straight Stitch Plate

Be sure to put a straight stitch needle plate on your machine to help keep your straight stitch more precise. This will also help keep the points of those small triangles from slipping into the throat plate opening. This really is a must for any quilter!

Block of the Month Introduction-Finished Quilt

Now that you know how the BERNINA Block Party sew-along will work I hope you join us each month to advance your piecing and quilting skills.

Tutorial List of the BERNINA Block of the Month Series

Block 1: Antique Mosaic Block

Block 2: Block 2, Shoofly Block

Block 3: Square in a Square Block

Block 4: Magic Circle

Block 5: Card Basket Variation Block

Block 6: Ohio Star Variation Block

Block 7: Maple Star Block

Block 8: Grecian Square Block

Block 9: Union Square Block

Block 10: A Girl’s Favorite

Share your blocks on our community section (upload your project here) and your social media channels using #berninablockparty and #blockofthemonth. Welcome to the party!

Block of the Month Series

74 thoughts on “Block of the Month Series

  1. My sister and I are planning on doing this BOM together and we have ordered our fabric! Will you start posting the pattern today, March? Or, starting in April? We cannot find where we are to get the BOM pattern. Thanks!

      1. I bought your pattern kit/fabric from Bernina when this was going on, but am just now getting to it (a little behind). I have downloaded Blocks 1-10. Is that all of them? Is there a listing for putting everything together? I cannot find anything further than Blocks 1-10. Thank you very much.

      1. You can order the fabrics at Bernina World of Sewing. They are located in Raleigh, NC and will be happy to mail it to you if you are not local.
        Cathy Hooper

        1. Sew E-Z Too in Spokane will be stocking this entire line of Andover fabrics by Alison Glass, not just those used in the Block Party Quilt. Fabric is arriving soon and quilt kits are available.

    1. We called 2 Bernina stores, one had no idea what we were talking about and the other store was not going to carry the kit. So, we just ordered our fabric on-line. We did try to support local stores….

  2. The pattern looking very interesting. One I might like to do or add to my UFO pile. If my local store does not have the kit, why can I purchase a kit.

    Happy Creating Donna

    1. Hello Donna
      If your local store does not have the kit you can go to the web site and go to the dealer locator to find another dealer close to you that may carry the kit. Otherwise the 2017 Sun Print Fabrics would be available from Allison Glass.

  3. I don’t see binding fabric in the list. Is that already figured in to one of the above fabrics, or do we need to get additional fabric for binding, and if so, how much?

    1. No need to sign up just come to the blog every month! If you are wanting a fabric kit check out your local Bernina Dealer as some dealers will have the kit and some may even be offering an in store session.

        1. Copy/Paste from description of kit from

          “Kits of fabrics are available in the shop for our colorway, if you wish (isn’t it pretty!). Ours will be made with batiks. Patterns are downloadable from the We All Sew link below.”

          THIS IS NOT THE SAME FABRIC as listed above by Bernina for the kit or as shown in the finished quilt.

    1. There will be 12 block posts and 1 post on putting it all together. As far as the quilting lessons— there will be a lesson with each block 1 thru 11. The last block will be a “quilt as desired” block.

      1. Hello Nina!

        I’m really interested in making this quilt and will be using several different Alison Glass Sun Print collections.

        My concern is that after downloading each of the 12 Block patterns/posts, I can’t find the final “Putting It All Together” post.

        Any ideas?

        Thank you,

      2. Hello (again) Nina!

        I was able to find the “Putting It All Together” post, as well as 2 other blocks not listed above!
        I don’t know if someone wants to add the links for blocks 11 & 12, plus the assembly post above? As someone coming along afterward, it was pretty confusing, especially since I just happened upon Block 12 by accident (there’s no tags on it to tie it to this BOM), which prompted me to go looking for Block 11. YIKES!

        If it’ll help, here’s the links for everything:

        Block 11 – The Odd Fellows Chain Block:

        Block 12 – The Embroidered Block:

        Putting It All Together – Quilt Assembly:

        Final Wrap-up Post:

        Hopefully, if anyone else comes along later on, this’ll help them out, too!

  4. For any of you who live in the Raleigh NC area Bernina World of Sewing is doing a free lecture on the Bernina Block Party. The first class is April 4 at 6:00 pm. They also have fabric kits available. Hope to see you there.

    1. Hello Nancy, the fabric used in our Block Party quilt is Alison Glass Sun Print 2017, you can find a link to the fabrics in the second paragraph of the post. Follow the link to see what the Sun Print 2017 fabrics look like.

  5. I just got my fabric for this quilt. Should I cut out alll the blocks at once or month by month?Thanks. Looking forward to making this lovely quilt.
    Rose in TN

    1. You will be getting the block one at a time so if you want to keep up with the blocks you probably will want to cut the blocks month by month.

  6. Hi, Nina. It would be helpful if this article, “Welcome to the BERNINA Block Party,” were downloadable as a .pdf file. Same re your Blocks of the Month. Thank you for consider this! Sharon Carbine

    1. I will be talking about many different quilting methods. Most you will be able to do with your BERNINA 430QE.
      For the months that you can not, you have the option of doing whatever you wish!

  7. Hi! I can’t tell if we can repeat fabrics in the different size cuts. Obviously you can’t when you need multiple of one color shade in the same size. Please help ?

    1. The fabrics listed are the way I did the sample quilt. I used most fabrics in several areas of the quilt. However the pattern is a sampler and very forgiving so you really can do it anyway you like.

  8. My store just got in the fabric (but I don’t know if we got the black chambray). We are not a Bernina store. How do we get the kit cutting sheet?

    1. I had trouble finding it also…but I finally did. Click on the April 2017 archive. It is the Antique Mosaic block. They don’t call it the BOM’s the Block Party.

  9. Hi–I’m coming in a little late but I now have my fabric! I’m pretty new to quilting and I know this question gets a lot of different answers but for these fabrics…wash them before starting or don’t wash?

  10. I have seen a cople comments on where do you find the pattern to the squares for the block of the month series/WeAllSew. I just seen this and i am new to quilting but i would like to do this.

  11. Hello, I hope I can clarify. The fabric list is what you need. However because there are 3 pinks, 2 yellows, etc the Block Party Fabric Chart was a guide to help people keep the identity of their fabrics straight. If you read the instructions it says to cut out the fabric photos and pin them to your fabric choices just to keep it all straight as you go through each blocks instructions. There is only 1 green so it does not appear on this chart.

  12. I am trying to get my fabrics together to start the blocks. So far, in the ten blocks shown, no fat eighths have been used. There are 5 fat eighths listed on the fabric requirements.
    Will they be used in blocks 11 and 12?

    Also, directions say to buy 1/2 yd of A-8484-E. But it is used in 4 blocks at least – 1/8 yd, 1/4 yd, 1/4 yd, and a fat quarter. This adds up to more than 1/2 yd.

    This happens in a few more blocks. I’d like to buy my fabrics all at once. Can I trust the quantities?
    Thank you.

  13. Nina, do you still have the embroidery designs for the Modern Mix quilt that you designed in 2012 ish. I have all the directions, just not the designs to start digitizing with. I know you used the wreat tool for a lot of it. Thanks. Roberta

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