Jubilee Quilt – A First Timer’s Experience


I’ve had my Bernina for less than a year –and my embroidery module for less than a week–  So let’s see where this goes! I was fortunate to have received the Jubilee quilt kit, embroidery motifs and rules as a value-added item when I bought my embroidery module at our Bernina Academy class.  It was great to get hands-on experience with embroidery work — as a handquilter, it was a whole new world and I can’t believe I dived right in!  A lot of my sewing and embroidery on this quilt will be first-time learning, which also means first-time mistakes, but I’m not afraid. Let’s do this!! Somehow my kids and my husband were all gone for camping and overnighters on the same Saturday night, so I was able to have unlimited time to myself.  I opened up the fabric box and really got a feel for this luscious fabric!  I recognized some of the designs from the Bernina Academy that I finished that day, so it seemed like an old friend, an old friend all dressed up in her fine gold jewelry!  It’s really pretty and it cut so nicely.  I was afraid of making even the tiniest of cutting mistakes as this was all the fabric I had and my store didn’t carry the bolts.  Measure 10 times, cut once! I put comedian podcasts on my speaker and cut (and laughed) the night away! It was only AFTER I cut all the fabric and started in on the design that I realized that I had not consulted the corrections before I cut.  Warning to others:  Check the corrections before you cut — not just before you sew.  There were a few changes but I was able to figure out what I needed and I still had fabric left over.  Whew! So for Part I, I’m posting the cut fabric and the first 6 blocks.  I had recently completed a big 9-square quilt, so these little blocks are so cute and quickly completed.  I’m ready for more! My next step will be to figure out the embroidery module for the first embroider cornerstones lesson.  Last night my husband and I played with the module and printed out my first practice design (a frog, not the jubilee just yet!).  And it didn’t go so bad.  However, as Amanda said, plan to practice some embroidery first cuz we all make mistakes!  Wish me luck 🙂 Lisa

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