My First Bernina


I learned to sew on my mom’s Bernina Record 830. My dad bought it for my mother after our house burned down two days before school started- after she made our first day clothes for my 3 siblings and I. We lost practically everything. My dad went out and purchased the Bernina 830 Record and my mom and I have been die hard fans ever since! She taught me to sew at 8 years old- I made my first bag. I wanted to be an artist and hand stitched the person holding 3 paint brushes with the letter D for our last name. I have treasured that bag and the machine for over 40 years. I bought my own firs Bernina the Record 730. I love both machines dearly and dream of owning the newest large embroidery computerized Bernina some day….

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  • I also have this machine, and though it is not a computerized machine, still prefer sewing on it over my embroidery/sewing machine (not Bernina). Many years ago (? 30+) I had the choice of an old treadle machine, which my then sister-in-law chose, or this machine. I was sad that I didn’t get the treadle machine, as I’d learned how to sew on one of these. But after getting it home and seeing what it really was, wow!. The original owners had everything with it, including a table and of course the red case! It is still going strong, and if there was a dealer closer to me, would most likely have gone for a Bernina when looking for an embroidery machine.

  • I too have a Record 830—since 1974—and wouldn’t trade it for a new-fangled one for anything in the world! I also have a stand along embroidery machine—Deco 340—and a serger by another manufacturer. But the Record is the best! I have NEVER, EVER had it repaired. Maintenance, yes, repair, no. What do I need another machine for?

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