Stay Gold Quilt Along, Part 1: Prep and Cut Fabric

Can you believe it? 2022 is around the corner and with all the events (or lack of) these past couple of years, we are ready for an adventure. It’s time to shake things up and try a new hobby with the Stay Gold Quilt Along!

In my classes, I have an amazing range of backgrounds from retired folks to new moms and from first responders to teachers who want to try something new and different. I’ve even taught a detective! The process of quiltmaking is appealing to so many; it involves learning not only sewing but reading a pattern, color design, math (yes, math!) and lots of cutting.

Quiltmaking will keep your brain active and use different parts of your brain. And lately, there has been a lot of buzz about how important it is to use different areas of our brain to stay young and bright! So, if you are a new sewist or re-emerging sewist, keep your machine humming and join the exciting world of quiltmaking!


This quilt along series is great for sewists of all levels.

I will focus on the process of quiltmaking with detailed instructions and pictures every step of the way. If you are a beginner, this quilt along is perfect to guide you through the process. If you have already completed a few quilts, stay with us! This will be a great quilt for you and I promise, you’ll learn a couple of things along the way. If you’re advanced in your quiltmaking abilities, join us for a great quick quilt and a great way to use your scraps! So, let’s get started!

Our quilt is designed with Counterchange Cross blocks and is a nice throw size at 62” x 62”.

Stay Gold Quilt Along Timeline

  • Week 1 – Prep and Cut Fabric
  • Week 2 – Sew Counterchange Cross Blocks
  • Week 3 – Finish Blocks, Layout and Sashing
  • Weed 4 – Finish Top and Add Border + Quilting Prep
  • Week 5 – Learn to Straight Line Quilt and Quilt Top
  • Week 6 – Add Binding

The main fabric for this is called Stay Gold which is by Melody Miller of Ruby Star Society (hence the name of the quilt along, ‘Stay Gold’).

Are you familiar with Ruby Star Society? Their designers offer modern colors and prints that are fun and vibrant. Go to to read their story and discover the talented artists.

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_02_Main_FabricBERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_960x960px

The border fabric is also by Melody Miller for Ruby Star called Spark. It’s a great collection of solid colors with sparks, of course! It’s one of their fabric basics and depending on which color you select, the sparks will either be white or gold. I am partial to pink, so I have selected pink which has white sparks. Many of these colors will go with the quilt top, so pick out a favorite! This quilt is noisy with busy prints so the solid border will add a calming element. Below are five of the many colors in the Spark line.


The background fabric is Supreme Solids White by Benartex. Supreme Solids is a wonderful collection of solid colors with great cotton quality. Here is the Benartex link.


Today we generally categorize quiltmakers into three groups–traditional, modern and modern traditionalists. The Stay Gold Quilt falls into the modern traditionalist group. Modern traditionalism in quilting can be defined as using a traditional block, layout or design combined with a modern element, such as color, scale, asymmetry or negative space. We will be creating a traditional block called Counterchange Cross with the modern Stay Gold fabric. Pictured below is the Counterchange Cross block with traditional fabric from Laundry Basket Quilts.


Below this paragraph is the same block with a mix of Tula Pink fabric and Andover Collective. See the difference fabric makes? Same block but very different look and feel.


Also, we will be creating negative space (a modern element) by using the White Supreme Solids fabric and rotating every other block. This first quit layout shows the blocks positioned in the same direction.


This second layout shows every other block rotated once. See how a simple block rotation creates a new layout? Here, we created more negative space, one of the modern quilt elements.


Materials Need for the Stay Gold Quilt Along

Supplies Needed for the Stay Gold Quilt Along

Cut Fabric and Make Piles

Before cutting fabric, you might decide to prep the fabric first. This comes down to personal preference, so try a couple of different methods and see what works for you.

First, you can prewash all your fabric before cutting. Some quilters do this because they don’t want to handle any possible chemicals on the fabric from the factory. Others prewash to make sure colors/dyes don’t bleed and to preshrink the fabric. Another prep method I have seen lately is starch. Some quilters will literally douse their fabric in starch to make it firm for accurate cutting and piecing. I am not big on the starch method as I like to have my fabric somewhat pliable and I don’t want to buy a ton of starch. The last method is no prep at all. Just press the fabric right out of your shopping bag and cut. So find what works for you. There’s no right way, just your way.

Cut Small to Medium Prints

Select 12-14 small to medium prints in the Stay Gold collection.

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_08_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x800px

Cut them to the following sizes:

  • (6) 2 1/2” x 4 1/2”
  • (4) 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”

If you want more of the light fabric in your quilt, cut more lights. Or vice versa with the darks.

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_09_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x800px

Cut Medium to Large Prints

Select 8-10 medium to large prints (the medium prints can be the same prints used in the previous step).

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_10_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x800px

Cut them to the following size:

  • (4) 4 1/2” x 4 1/2”

Again, if you want more of the light fabric in your quilt, cut more lights. Or vice versa with the darks.


Did you notice the fun selvedges?

For a bonus, save them. We’ll use them later to make a quilt block to sew into the quilt back.

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_11a_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x800px

Cutting the Supreme Solids

With the Supreme Solids White fabric, cut the following:

  • (10) 2 1/2” x WOF (width of fabric)
    • Subcut (32) 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”
    • Subcut (12) 2 1/2” x 12 1/2”
    • Set other 4 strips aside

If you line up the strips on your mat, the cutting process is quick. If the ruler placement in the next picture looks wrong to you, it’s because I’m left-handed!


Next, cut:

  • (8) 4 1/2” x WOF
    • Subcut (64) 4 1/2” x 2 1/2”
    • Subcut (32) 4 1/2” x 4 1/2”

Again, line up 2 of the strips on your cutting mat and you will decrease the time it takes to cut in half. Or try 3-4 strips with a longer ruler. Just be careful not to move the ruler while cutting.


Layout Fabric or Grab and Sew

This step can be considered a great personality test. You have three options to arrange your fabric pieces.

Option One

Find a large space to lay out your fabric pieces into Counterchange Cross blocks.

Tip: If you have pets, the floor might not be a good option! Some quilters use a design wall that can be as simple as a large piece of felt attached to the wall with 3M Velcro strips.

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_14_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_960x960px

Option Two

Use a felt board such as the one below and arrange your fabric pieces one block at a time. After one block is sewn together, arrange the fabric pieces for the next block.

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_15_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x1328px

Option Three

Throw the Stay Gold fabric pieces of the same size into plastic bins. You will have three bins of fabric for the three different sizes. This option is a random grab-and-sew method. There is no planning, so decide if this will work for you. If you are methodical and organized, it might be a challenge. But, maybe you are up for the challenge!

Stay Gold - QAL_Shake_It_Up_16_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x684px

Decide your method and get ready for Week 2 when I explain in detail the incredible BERNINA Patchwork Feet and show how to piece together the Counterchange Cross blocks! It’s going to be an adventure!

Stay Gold Quilt Along

Stay Gold Quilt Along Fabric Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all of our WeAllSew fans who entered!

Congratulations to our winner(s):

  1. dottiechilton

Keep an eye out for the next WeAllSew giveaway!

551 thoughts on “Stay Gold Quilt Along, Part 1: Prep and Cut Fabric

    1. I am a modern sewer because I love the blocks with lots of piecing like birds, or a robot for children or a boat for my dad. Traditional quilts I love too but modern first.

    2. I am a modern innovation quilter. Fun bright fabrics bring me joy . My fabric stash of bright fabrics is humming to get used in this quilt a long.

  1. The Stay Gold bundle is so pretty…I use those colors a lot in my projects!
    I’d consider myself a modern traditionalist. I prefer to use modern fabrics and modern quilt designs, but still love the traditional flying geese, log cabin and hst blocks and often use at least one type in every project.

  2. I feel that I fall in between modern and traditional. If that is a modern traditionalist, then that is what I am but sometimes I just like to make up my own blocks, which turn out to be neither.

  3. I love both traditional and modern. We are so blessed to have all the pattern and fabric choices that are available today, and websites like this where we can get great ideas.

  4. I am a traditional quilter most of the time but, I also love Quiltworx patterns and have made several of tbem. I’ve been making quilts for nearly 50 years and I’m always up for a new challenge.

  5. I am traditional
    I love to try everything, but if I love a quilt it is usually a traditional style
    I do love the portrait and landscape quilts being made.
    People are so talented and inspiring

  6. I just love all things quilting. you can’t have enough fabric or patterns!! Or Bernina’s!! I have 3 and love them all I also collect the foot of the month. Happy sewing

  7. I consider myself a traditional quilter. I seem to like symmetry in my quilts. I have 15 quilt tops to layer and quilt. What’s one more. Thank you for all your ideas.

  8. When I started quilting this year, I thought I would be more of a traditional quilter…. but I have discovered that I am drawn to more modern and modern traditionalist designs. So I would say Modern Traditionalist.

  9. I think I am a traditional quilter as I love the Civil War quilts, repro fabrics, and patterns. I am trying to get out of that shell and try new things. I am now in the process of cutting out a more modern type quilt. We will see how it goes!!

  10. I’m a traditional, mostly scrap quilter. I frequently “complete” other sewist’s quilts when they either give up or pass away and their families donate their unfinished quilts to sewing groups I belong to.

  11. I am a beginning quilter. I have sewn all my life (clothes, home dec, etc.), but I’ve never done much quilting. So, I don’t know what my style is yet, but I’m ready to learn!!

  12. Love the Stay Gold collection. I consider myself to be a “modern with a traditional swirl” type of quilter. One of my fav things these days is all the negative space within a quilt. It allows the block to shine & come into view next to the negative space.

  13. I love it all! Sometimes I’m traditional and others I’m very modern. I just love all fabrics and always want to try something new. I’ve been quilting for twenty years and it’s still exciting!!!

  14. This fabric is so happy! I am somewhere between modern and modern traditionalist in my quilting. I love the traditions of quilting and believe that traditional quilting is great for learning technique but the modern quilts fit more with my home design preferences and the preferences of folks I generally make quilts for.

  15. Oh I’m a traditional quilter all the way. I have done a few modern ones but they are for family that requested them. Tho’ truely, as long as I’m putting thread to fabric I’m a happy gal!!

    1. I am an anything goes quilter doing what feels good at the time. Usually anything goes! I especially enjoy paper piecing and machine appliqué…both modern and traditional.

  16. I am a Modern/Traditional quilter. I love all sort of old and new blocks. I love learning new block and hot I can incorporate them into various quilt designs. Thank you for a chance to win such beautiful fabrics.

  17. Oh, I’m traditional all the way. Love soft, muted colors, and comfy looking quilts, no shouting out designs or colors for me. Love this Stay Gold line.

  18. I think modern traditionalist is really spot on and accurately describes how many of us approach quilting today. We can incorporate the tried and true processes with modern “short cuts” and more innovative approaches. The result is a more flexible and adaptable art form that can be applied to many more works. The sky is the limit and the possibilities endless allowing quilters of all levels to be creative.

  19. I love quilting, The mix of colors and the mix of patterns, whether it’s traditional or modern the options are boundless!! So my answer would be a modern traditionalist. I enjoy traditional patterns with occasional modern twists.

  20. I can’t put a label on my quilting style. I make whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. I have made and loved traditional block quilts and have also make some that would be considered modern, and have loved those, too! So I am an ‘anything goes’ quilter!

  21. I love to make and remake traditional blocks and they seem to be my family’s favorites! This “Stay Gold” quilt is so pretty. I’m planning on making it too!

  22. Super traditional with hand-piece and hand quilter, because can take almost where ever I go, would be an amazing lucky one to win as that is almost my birthday.

  23. I don’t think I have a type, yet. I like making interesting and a little bit challenging quilts. If I had to label it I would say traditional with a twist, busy modern or the best description would be quirky.

  24. I think I am more of a traditionalist but I really like the look of this quilt. Maybe I will become
    a modern traditionalist. Thanks for taking the time to teach us a fun looking quilt.

  25. I am probably a modern traditionalist. I love to see what else can be done or accomplished with new layouts or a little different cut here and there. I am always excited and amazed to see what a difference a little change can make. Sometimes just a color change makes things pop in a new and beautiful way that is unexpected. I am still in love with my 185QE (a retirement gift from my hubby) and use it nearly every day. I am 79 years old and making table runners is one of my it keeps me off the streets so my kids know what I am doing. LOL

  26. I’m becoming more of a modern traditionalist. I was a very traditional hand appliqué and quilting person, but now I’m more modern and more abstract. At least some of the time!

  27. Traditional quilter, sometimes break out into traditional modern.
    Umm, would be really helpful if you provide the total number of blocks needed for each size. I could work it out, may be easier for a newbie.

    So 16 blocks plus sashing and borders for a 62×62 throw. Would be fun to try this with my scraps 🙂 (I am not a scrappy quilter, but they keep growing:)

  28. I lean toward making a traditional quilt. I have not done an entire quilt yet, but have made a couple of quilt tops. I look forward to doing more quilting! Love this design!!

  29. I would say that I was traditionalist, but am turning modern. At this point I would say that I am between at Modern Traditionalist at this point. There are so many great fabric lines that come up every year and this makes me want to be create minimalist patterns. 🙂

  30. I am a modern traditionalist and this quilt is perfect for my piecing and quilting skill level.
    I love the Ruby Star Society fabrics and Miss Melody Miller.
    The fabrics are always so beautiful and inspire creativity.

  31. I am not real such but I think I might be modern-traditional. I like a variety of different fabrics and it is so hard to narrow it down to one type. Thanks for all your ideas.

  32. As I continue to develop my preferences in fabrics/color, I am more and more leaning toward modern and brighter color. I have always loved Ruby Star Society products and this collection is just beautiful. I’d be so delighted to win. Thanks for the opportunity and for the cute pattern and quilt along instructions!

  33. I consider myself a modern traditionalist. I love the traditional patterns with a modern twist. Thanks for the opportunity to win these gorgeous fabrics!

  34. I love this quilt pattern and the fabric. I will be checking out Ruby Star Society. I have always thought I was a traditional quilter but have learned that I lean into the modern side of quilting as well. I have joined a modern quilting group and am expanding my quilting horizons!

  35. I consider myself a traditional modernist quilter. I love the history imparted in a traditional quilt, but love the bright colors, new techniques and creativity displayed in modern quilts. Both allow the sewist to create something uniquely beautiful!

  36. I find myself fall under the category of modern traditional quilter. I am inspired by modern traditional quilts and gravitate to these guilt designs. 😊

  37. Even after all these years I consider myself to be a traditional quilter. I do experiment outside my comfort skills but always seem to return. Quilting is great for this.

  38. I consider myself a new quilter, even though I have been trying off and on for 30 years. I have been more serious since I retired. I love learning about different quilting, colors. fabrics and creating a quilt of love. Not sure if I’m a traditionalist with all the new things I am learning.

  39. I’m getting back into quilting after a 20 year hiatus raising kiddos…so I love learning techniques and challenges. I would consider myself leaning more towards modern, but some traditional too… Love these bright colors and the blocks….can’t wait to give it a try!!

  40. I have no idea yet what kind of quilter I am! Love the fabric, will order some. Very thankful Bernina offers these projects with needs lists and instructions/hints/ideas!!!

  41. I consider myself to be a traditional quilter.. I do like the quilt but I may try to altar the size to a baby quilt as we have a couple of new additions coming. If 1 is a girl I do like the Melody Miller collections.

  42. I am a traditional quilter who likes to use more modern fabrics and modern fabric once in a while. I am very organized and am still trying to finish a ‘grab’ method of a Wedding Ring Quilt that I started 6 yrs ago. I would love to try the ‘grab’ method you suggest in piecing the Stay Gold Quilt Along. It looks like a very fun fabrics and pattern. I would love to win these beautiful fabrics!

  43. I consider myself a modern/traditionalist. When I first started quilting, my choices in fabrics and quilt patterns were very traditional, but as I’ve become more proficient I find my creative side coming out more and more and I’m willing to experiment with bolder colors, modern fabrics, and my own quilt designs. I still love antique quilts and traditional quilt bocks and layouts and like to mix it up from project to project.

  44. I love all kinds of quilting, and fancy myself a modernist quilter who loves to take traditional quilting as a basis and launch off it with all kinds of techniques.

  45. I am new to quilting and cannot truly say what my style is just yet. I will say though I am drawn to vibrant colors and patterns so I guess I am modern.

  46. I respond to the fabric colors and the design. So I do not define myself as traditional or modern. I would say I am both or a combination of both.

  47. I’d say I’m more a modern than traditional quilter but I do bridge the gap. I love bright fabric and enjoy mixing the different designer fabrics together. I’m looking forward to trying this quilt.

  48. I would say I am a traditional quilt maker. But I am completely open to going out of my comfort zone, be it with colors, patterns or methods of piecing. Thanks for a chance to do that again with this fabric line.

  49. I am a modern traditional quilter. I enjoy combining traditional block patterns with machine embroidered blocks and am continuing to experiment with overall quilting with machine embroidery.

  50. Depends on what day of the week you ask me, but for the most part I am somewhere between a modern traditionalist and a modernist. Still, I’ve gone full traditional and loved every minute of it.

  51. I cannot pick just one category to place myself in. There are so many different types of patterns and ideas for patterns that it would be hard to just pick one. I do know I love when a new weallsew newsletter shows up in my inbox. There’s always at least one thing that I want to make in the email and often several. Thanks for the giveaway and the free patterns you often share.

  52. I consider myself to be a modern traditionalist, traditionalist. I love soft to bright fabrics and colors. Thank you for this project, and an opportunity to win this beautiful fabrics.

  53. I haven’t tried to figure it out till now, but I probably lean toward traditionalist, since I am a new quilter and there are so many traditional patterns to work with.

  54. I love modern, but I’ve been looking into traditional lately. I just took an online class-lecture with Kay, Jenni, Mary on the Bronte Sisters Quilt in England. They taught us about the Bronte family, designs of their time, fabric history, showed us the hand pieced quilt, they gave us an English cake recipe (we had a tea break), we did a version of the quilt, etc. Very interesting and I learned so much! ……. I find that quilting is so fascinating and fun!

  55. I’m a bit of a math nerd when it comes to figuring out yardage, so please forgive me. I have calculated that one could use a favorite layer cake for the prints! Simply cut the number of required small-Med prints into (4) 2 1/2” lengths x 10, and the number of needed layer cakes into (4) 4 1/2” squares. I will sew the 2 1/2” strips together with 2 1/2’ x 10 strips of background and then cut into the appropriate sized strip sets (2 1/2” cuts for the 4 patch and 4 1/2” cuts the rail block cut) easier to cut these strip sets and almost NO waste! Of course I will use yardage for the background but cut 2 1/2” strips to match the 2 1/2” strip I am cutting from my layer cakes. Just sharing my own personal fabric and cutting plan in case you want to make the most of your precious stash.

    1. Additional comment. One layer cake will yield TWO quilts, one for you, and one to gift. Or….. just use half of a layer cake…. Or…… cut each piece of the entire layer cake in half, save half of the layer cake for another project and use, and have lots of different fabrics for your quilt!

  56. I think I am a modern traditionalist quilter, but I’m not sure yet because I am a beginner. I saw this quilt along pattern and loved it so much that I can’t wait to get started!!

  57. I am most interested in modern traditionalist quilting. I like thinking about quilters of the past and thinking of the continuum of quilters through time to the ways modern quilters put colors and patterns/shapes together.

  58. I consider myself a modern traditionalist. I love jewel tone colors. I do many wall quilts and hangings. I also make purses galore. Just finished a queen size quilt that was appliqued, embroidered and interestingly pieced on my Bernina 440. Am just beginning work with my newer Bernina. Have been sewing with Bernina exclusively for about 15-20 years now. My Bernina’s can do it all.

  59. I think of myself primarily as a traditional quilter. However, I like many modern fabrics and quilts. So, I’m flexible. BTW, I love Ruby Star Society fabric and have quite a bit of it. I particularly like Ruby Star Society fabric that has gold in it. Big smile!

  60. I am more of a modern quilter. Possibly a modern traditionalist. I like traditional patterns but prefer a modern twist, usually with bright or colorful prints. I love color when I am quilting.

  61. Hi, to be honest i do not know what i am I love the modern quilts, but have seen many traditional quilt blocks changed in a more modern way. Love some traditional blocks like shoo fly. Modern fabric designs really take traditional blocks to a entirely different realm. Way to go fabric designers

  62. I’m a modern traditionalist. The pattern looks lovely, but 2 1/2 in squares can be tedious. I bet this would look nice with 4 1/2 in squares and 4 /12 and 8 1/2 in rectangles.

  63. I would say I am a modern or modern traditionalist! Very eclectic is my fabric choices, from Lori Holt to Tula Pink. I do love Ruby Star Society designers! I love to make quilts to toys.

  64. I don’t consider myself any certain type of quilter. I see something I like and I go for it or I design something myself. I try to stick to making things that I enjoy.

  65. Modern Traditionalist is probably the best description of my quilting. I mostly piece, but have enjoyed some paper piecing and applique. I quilt my creations myself with my 770 QEE with the embroidery module or free motion.

  66. I love the different Stay Gold fabric from Ruby Star Society, so pretty. I so wish to learn along your tutorial & sure hope to win that gorgeous fabric to make this quilt.
    I’ve only worked on one quilt, a tree skirt and determination to finish it before Christmas!

  67. I would consider myself a modern traditionalist. So many quilts are based on designs from the past, but we have such a wealth of fabulous fabrics to choose from today.

  68. Being very new to the art of quilting, I do not have any preference. I have wanted to try quilting, this looks like a good place to begin that process.
    Thank you for offering this oppotunity.

  69. I started almost 30 years ago as a traditional quilter, but I love a lot of the newer, brighter fabrics that are available now. I’m not really a modern quilter although I’ve seen many modern quilts I really like. I would probably classify myself as a modern traditionalist. I really like this fabric and the Counterchange block. The quilt is beautiful.

  70. I’ve only been quilting for 3 years or so. I started out with traditional to learn. Now I’m trying to do some modern quilts. Love the pattern and material. Thankful the quilt a long! always learn a lot.

  71. I’ve only been quilting for 3 years or so. I started out with traditional to learn. Now I’m trying to do some modern quilts. Love the pattern and material. Thankful for the quilt a long! always learn a lot.

  72. Although I have sewn for over 35 years, I’m relatively new to quilting. Traditional quilts have always enticed me to learn to quilt. But when it comes to making my first quilt for my very own bed, the FMQ movement has led to my love of both modern and modern traditionalist quilts.

  73. I’m a new quilter – just finishing up my second quilt. This will be my 3rd quilt. I’m trying to learn the rules before I break the rules, so my experience has been traditional but I’m leaning modern. This quilt-along feels like a really great opportunity – thank you.

  74. I consider myself a modern traditionalist. I started out very traditional and have had such fun incorporating modern motifs, designs and bright fabrics. There is safety in traditional patterns but pleasing open spaces in the modern designs.

  75. I started to learn to quilt just before I caught covid. Now that I’m on the road to recovery I plan to continue to learn. I have no idea what type of quilter I will be. I love the choices of these fabrics.

  76. I am a modern traditionalist if I need a label. I’m enjoying trying different types techniques, fabric, and exploring all the capabilities of my 770, that I’ve had for a year.

  77. I like to think I’m a modern rebel traditionalist. I live some on the old patterns but like to put a funky modern twist on it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s back to the drawing board. But what fun!

  78. I haven’t quilted in a while, but enjoy any and all styles. I like to mix and match patterns to make a quilt of my own design. The fabric is very pretty and would like to work with it very much. I could not do without my Bernina machine.

  79. I’m not really following any true guidelines but I guess I would have to be modern traditionalist because I don’t follow those ‘hard’ rules from long ago.

  80. I love combining traditional patterns with modern fabric, as you have done here. I guess that makes me a modern traditionalist quilter! Excited to follow along with this QAL.

  81. I believe I’m Traditionalist quilter. I do most of my sewing on the Bernina 1130 (old timer) and specialty work on my Bernina 180 (another oldie). Am in the process of making myself a new bed quilt. Always been for others, this time it’s for me. Love the fabric. thanks

  82. I am a modern traditionalist quilter.

    This is an adorable quilt and perfect for beginners. I really like that the pattern is designed around using small and larger size prints, which are part of most every collection.

  83. I love the quits of old that were make in my grandmother and mothers time. So, I would consider myself a traditionalist. Have done some quilting but am looking to doing much more.

  84. I’ve followed traditional patterns for years and still find them to be beautiful but am now having great fun playing with more modern designs, even coming up with some of my own!

  85. I would say I don’t fit any of those. I do what appeals at the time. I am now older and trying to use up a stash and scraps. I love the line but need to use what I have. I also am not excited about all white so may use tone on tone.

  86. Like many others, I choose “Modern Traditionalist” because “Traditional” and “Modern” both have too many rules. If I say I’m a Modern Traditionalist, I can combine hand sewing and traditional patterns with wild colors and all of the best technology — anything goes! “Modern Traditionalist” is like the Autobahn of quilting. No speed limit, pedal to the metal, just enjoy the drive!

  87. Modern traditionalist. Enjoy geometrics, angles, asymmetrical negative space using traditional patchwork but creating designs via color and bkgd placement within standard block grid guidelines

  88. I’m a modern traditionalist. Meaning it depends on how I feel as to what kind of quilt I make. Sometimes it’s very traditional, sometimes very modern and arty. I like sampling a variety of techniques and finishes.

  89. I used to consider myself a traditionalist, but I find myself drawn to bright, modern quilts more and more so I guess I am now “Modern Traditionalist”.

  90. I’d have to identify as a modern traditionalist. Love this quilt pattern and how turning the block changes the overall design completely. Looking forward to making it.

  91. Love all quilts but when selecting a pattern or idea for a quilt, I am a modern traditionalist. Love the fabrics for the quilt a long, fabrics make all the difference.

  92. Traditional quilter until the last 5 years. Now I really enjoy the use of larger prints, negative space, recreation of traditional blocks. So now, modern traditionalist!!

  93. I consider myself a modern traditionalist. I love incorporating both the modern and traditional quilting. We are so blessed to experience so many different creative ways to quilt.

  94. I like modern quilts for the unique art work in the pieces I’ve seen. Traditional quilts are lovely but I think quilt making has moved from being the utility warmth I absolutely loved in the ones my grandmother & aunts made to pieces of what I call fiber art. There are so many creative quilters out there. Bravo to all.

  95. I don’t consider myself as anything but interested in it all. Still exploring. If I have to choose one it would be the hybrid moden traditionalist.

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