Scorpio Uzuh of Sins Of Many is an all-encompassing DIY designer that started learning to sew in 2019. After finding himself drawn away for the redundancy of commercial fashion, he decided to cut out the middle and start making clothes his way as he sees fashion, in his own aesthetic. With the help of Sew It Academy, an online sewing instructional course ran by the DIY power couple of Mimi G and Norris Ford, he honed his skills to create the Sins Of Many brand; first by perfecting menswear fashion and then branching out into unisex and women’s fashion. Over the years, Scorpio x Sins Of Many has collaborate with many brands, become a staple in the sewing community in conjunction with the Dope Men Sew movement and recently just released his first pattern, a modern take on the varsity bomber jacket in collaboration with Mimi G’s new pattern company, Know Me Patterns. Scorpio provides a modern streetwear aesthetic that is centered around comfortable fabrics that provide functionality with pops of color, pattern mixing and color-blocking.

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