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Hi everyone, I'm Becca Plymale. Growing up with many generations of seamstresses around me, you would have thought I would have picked up sewing earlier than I did. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my oldest child, that I picked up the craft and decided I needed a diaper bag made from my husband's flight suit. And I have never looked back since! I spent the 5 years sewing and designing professionally before taking this leap of faith. Sunflower Seams Co. has been such a long time dream of mine and I am beyond grateful for the amazing team I have by my side. As my daughter grows older I have turned my focus a bit more to quilting and I love everything about it! I have just recently released my first quilt pattern which can be found at Becca Plymale Creative.
When I am not sewing, I enjoy quilting, gardening, taking a Barre class, spending time with my husband or jumping the waves with my kiddos.

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