Happy Valentine's Day from WeAllSew

Happy Valentine’s Day from Erika, Alice, and Jo

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We love all our WeAllSew fans! Best wishes for a lovely Valentine’s Day :-)

Heart shaped treat pocket

How To Sew A Simple Heart-Shaped Treat Pocket

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Sew a simple heart with a pocket to hold a little sweet treat or love note for your favorite Valentine.

DIY Be My Valentine Kitchen Towels

How to Make “Be My Valentine” Kitchen Towels

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, create a romantic addition to your home for the sweet day that celebrates love and happiness. This cute set of kitchen towels is filled with appliqued hearts stitched in a modern style. Easy to sew, fun to use!

Fabric Valentine's Day Postcards - Donna Krebill #sew #diy #holiday #valentine #weallsew

Fabric Postcard Valentines

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It’s easy to make your own fabric Valentines using bits and pieces of fabric and quilt blocks. A wonderful, personally-crafted card from a crafty person to someone who knows you love fabrics and quilting. They will love it, and you will have saved $4 to $5 on a purchased card.