125th Anniversary Qult!! WOW!! a quilt that inspired me again!!


I am having so much fun I can hardly wait to start sewing all the pieces together, well couldn’t wait I had to start, I am thinking of tackling the whole quilt top just after Christmas!! I might just have to start sooner!! i am so loving this pattern and all the different angles and the directions have been spot on!! Thank You Amanda Murphy!! I can not wait to get this all sewn together and start quilting it I am hooked!! Thanks again for putting a beautiful pattern together which started a quilting fire inside me that has been lost for sometime, been in a sewing slump after mom past away in 2007 she would have loved the floral pattern and the color!! This quilt is for you MOM!! I love you and miss you!! I have had wonderful memories of you while i have been doing this project and expect many more memories as I spend quilting and putting it all together. Boy once you start piecing the blocks you cant stop!! I warned you!! It is so addicting!!

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