Accidental but Wonderful Purchase


My first Bernina, an 1130, was an accidental purchase.  It was my third machine.  I had given my second machine some heavy use; it needed to be refurbished.  It was questionable whether or not it would be worth the expense.  At just the right time, my husband’s employer’s monthly newsletter had an ad for a new Bernina for sale by the owner.  I was the first and only person to respond.  The woman who was selling it had recently purchased it new with an assortment of accessories.  Unfortunately she had not used it much; she was diagnosed with arthritis in her hands which was rapidly progressing.  She felt she had to give up sewing.  As sad as I felt for her, I was delighted to acquire an essentially new machine. She was just happy that someone who could appreciate it was buying it.   I knew Berninas were good, very good machines and I was extremely happy to own one.  I needed a machine; I really did not select it; it was just there for me.  It has been my faithful companion but I decided I needed a machine that could embroider.  Sew, I am building a relationship with my second Bernina.  But the first one is still here as a backup.

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  • I bought my first (and only) Bernina in December of 1987. I have always enjoyed sewing, and now that I had four children, I wanted to sew for them. So I bought the 1130, as well as the Bernette serger, and a corner desk to hold the 1130. In January of 1988, I took a part-time job at the local public library, in part to help pay for my new machine. I took all of the classes offered by my Bernina dealer (Atlanta Sewing Center), and I bought lots of extra feet. I made some very pretty little dresses for our three daughters, and some cute play clothes for our son. I made some clothes for myself. I made a quilt. I made drapes and curtains for our home, and pot holders for gifts. Long before the machine was paid for, however, I fell in love with the public library. Once the kids were old enough, I went back to school, got my MLS, and went from part-time to full-time. Fast forward 23 years, and I retired from public library service. I still have my 1130, and now I stay busy making doll clothes for our granddaughters. Their latest request is for Beanie Boo clothes. There are no patterns for this, so now at the age of 72 I am learning how to modify patterns and design my own patterns! Throughout the whole wonderful journey, my Bernina has been a faithful and reliable friend. I expect to enjoy it for many many more years to come!

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