Angel Gowns for grieving families

I sew for Angel Gowns for Texas using donated wedding gowns to create size appropriate burial garments for infants who pass away while in a NICU.  Angel Gowns are given free of charge to any family requesting one.

9 thoughts on “Angel Gowns for grieving families

    1. Our first daughter died suddenly when she was four days old and still in the hospital nursery. My husband and I were stationed in Germany and were just grief stricken. We flew home following the baby who was buried before we arrived. One of the first things my mother asked me was what we had dressed her in for her burial. We had never been able to hold our baby, much less dress her and that was one of the details that we had never thought of. Fifty years later, I am still haunted by the fact that I did not do something that should have been done for my daughter. Thank you for thinking of this and for letting people know that these little ones need something beautiful to wear when they go to their resting place. I appreciate it.

      1. Thank you so much for your response. There are ladies sewing Angel Gowns in almost every state and Angel Gowns are now available in most NICU’S- even those in military hospitals outside the US. I’m sorry that there was not one available for your daughter.

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