Dream a little dream room


Being the 15th child in a family of 15 brothers and sisters, we grew up making use of any piece of fabric we could find.  My brother taught me how to sew as he made his 5 sisters clothes for us to sing in our community.

I love my sewing room!  It inspires me to dream up dolls, quilts, baby blankets and clothes, pillowcases for sick kids, teaches me patience, peace, and humility.  Thank you Mom and Dad for your love, and thank you, Hugh, for teaching me it’s only fabric and you are the artist to bring it to life.

While I have a vast array of material to choose from, I can dream of a beautiful sewing machine to make these pieces of fabric works of art.  If you can bring kindness to others by giving a piece of yourself in the form of fabric and time, you’ve won!

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