Feet storage


I use the plastic holder that come in the Barbie box.

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  • I have a revolving pegboard (the sort that might be used to display necklaces in a store) that sits on one of my sewing tables. I purchased on eBay these 3D printed holders designed to hold Bernina feet, and go on a pegboard. I have new feet for my B535 on one side, and old-old feet for my 830 Record on the other. Very handy because they’re always out and I can clearly see each foot.

  • I (carefully) drilled a (screw-sized) hole in (back/middle of) my Barbie Boxes and then hung them on (screwed them into) the wall. Even if I hadn’t used a flat-head screw (which I did) the screws wouldn’t get in the way of the plastic holders. Very handy to access on the wall right next to my sewing machine 🙂

  • I keep my feet in original store bought containers with instructions, my sewing table has 8 swing out drawers perfect fit , the walking feet in original box also at bottom of sewing table.
    I also keep my big book of feet and Manuel by my machine and reference when using a foot I haven’t used in a while.

  • For my needles left in boxes and my old style BERNINA feet, I use small size fishing tackle box (storing hooks and sinkers)with its dividers still place, each section holds each foot, with texta I write the foot number on base. The needles of all varieties are easy to be seen and if empty I replace that type of needle. Would love to add a photo if possible.

  • I have tried several different options but found this method worked the best for me. I like to be able to see if I am missing a foot at a glance because each foot has a spot that is numbered and cushioned to protect it. The “D” feet are one one side and the rest fit perfectly on the other side. And of course I made a index card with all of them and taped to the lid so I knew what each one is called

  • I store mine in the plastic organizer boxes. I label the top of each compartment with the foot that is in it. I label the front of the box the number range of feet that are in that box so when they are in the cabinet I store the boxes in, I can see from the front what feet are in each box.

  • I have a Bernina Accessory Case. It was a free item when I spent more than $500 on feet. It is wonderful. The foam trays come out of the hard sided case, so I put the trays in the drawers of the Horn sewing table that I have my Bernina 770QE placed in. The Accessory case is so much more usable than the cheap plastic Barbie case. If I need to take my Bernina anywhere, I can lift the trays out of my drawers and place them back in the hard case and I am good to go. I think all Bernina machines should come with the Accessory Case and not the flimsy Barbie case.

  • Using a plastic case with dividers (15 x 13 and 3 inches high) works great and it sits to the side of my 880 Plus. I can turn and change feet easily. I labeled each compartment with the foot number.

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