FMQ: I Got It!


Free-motion Quilting, I am finally getting the knack of this! Love using this foot to see my entire stitching area! BERNINA’s Embroidery foot #15 is for many kinds of embroidery, but I use it most for my free-motion quilting! Its vertical spring-loaded mechanism prevents the fabric from pulling up with the needle. This ensures neat stitching for me! I love to do Baby Charity Quilts for our local Charity and learning to use “#15” has helped me so much. I can now stitch elephants and birds and in my photos: “BUTTERLY’S.” Thank you BERNINA for such beautiful quality “aides” !

One comment on “FMQ: I Got It!”

  • It was so fun stitching this pretty pink Baby Girl Charity Quilt! Now I can finally finish it by myself with my #15 Bernina Foot! If you’re fussing with FMQing, just keep on practicing with “#15” and you’ll get it too! Hope other stitchers will enjoy viewing this little quilt ! THANK YOU BERNINA for a neat giveaway !

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