From Original Black to Sleek Modern Bernina Part 6


Finishing – quilting, couching, binding, and rhinestones. Personally, the quilting is my least favorite part of creating a quilt. I am not a longarmer. A while ago I tried two different classes on two different machines and I totally suck at it. So, the traditional domestic machine it is. I worked not only with Amanda’s rulers but also some other ones, creating beautiful wavy shapes of flowers in the border. The design is totally my own. Just something to reflect the celebration – we always celebrate in our home anniversaries with flowers, so I put some on the quilt. They are in the border and in the middle four pieced squares. The outside squares and the center pieced square have a geometric quilting so the eye can find not the same pattern everywhere. I did couching of the thick golden thread repeating the “inner” shape of the quilt in the border. Binding and piping – that one gave me a pause. Piping, no problem. I chose black stripey fabric that was not in the kit, but from the same Jubilee collection of fabrics. I decided to do also a second piping – beaded piping – from the same fabric that was on the back of the quilt (wide backing from Jubilee collection). These two are nested together and then there is true binding. I chose black. To make sure that the binding is really next to both pipings, I couched on top of it the same gold thread as in the border, pushing just slightly towards the pipings, so everything is nesting close together. Binding was finished on the back by hand at 1 pm the day of deadline. Crystals – those I put with the jeweler’s glue. The quilt was completely finished at 5 pm. Few hours to spare to get the last pictures and post everything online. Thank you Amanda Murphy for the beautiful designs. I just made it my own, to truly celebrate the original black Bernina, complete with flowers and sparkle, gold thread and overall beauty.

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  • My neighbors found me standing up on a ladder in the driveway today as well. Even if quilting isn’t your most cherished part of the process, your designs are well-chosen and draw attention to your piecing and detailed embellishment. I couldn’t resist some jewels either. Mine iron on, and I even have a tool for attaching them individually. If only I could figure out what special place I put it in. The beaded piping is spectacular. Did you make it?

    • I made the beaded piping. It’s a great tv work. It is done the same way as regular piping, but instead of inserting rope/yarn/thread, you insert continuous beads, then make two loops between individual beads. I followed instructions how to do it from the book by Bethanne Nemesh.

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