Gifted Quilts


I love making quilts. Mainly, I do baby quilts for friends with new arrivals. It’s a small enough project to work on between all my other hobbies, as I also cosplay … so there are usually half a dozen other things going on for my next costume ranging from sewing to painting to sculpting. Quilting became my sort of “wind down” activity. Well the time finally came when my best friend from middle school is expecting their first child. We’ve known each other for more than half our lives now. She was my maid of honor, even. Of course I was going to make a quilt for them! Every quilt I do, I try to do something new. My last one I free-motion quilted by hand, which was just not enjoyable, I might add. This time I wanted to do it on my machine. That was a ton of fun and I already can’t wait to make another (maybe bigger!) quilt to free-motion on! I love learning new techniques. And lo, I finished the quilt. I mailed it off to surprise her and waited. And waited. The delivery date (of the package, not the baby!) came and she didn’t say anything. I asked if she got a package. She didn’t. OH NO. Two days later, I’m stressing and looking up how to file a claim in case it really got lost or stolen. That’s not an easily replaceable thing, you know? As I’m in the throes of Google, she messages me that the package finally showed up. PHEW. And she loves it. The baby is due THIS WEEK and I hope they enjoy it for years and years.

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