Heat Reflecting Pet Pad Sewing Project


I found this great project tutorial on you tube which shows how to sew pet pads that are self heating reflective blankets for animals.  The credit for this idea goes to Nancy of the Whole Cat and Kaboodle  http://www.thewhote-cat.com. A you tube instruction was shared by Feral Trapping and is entitled “Making A Heat-Reflective Blanket for those who want to make some. Basically you make a mini quilt with and added inside layer of a mylar emergency blanket.

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  • What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing. I have extra mylar emergency blankets and will definitely be making some of these! Your kitty looks so comfortable and almost blends into the pet pad, haha!

    • Thank you! One Mylar emergency blanket makes quite a few pet pads. My technique is different than the video illustrates because I do not have a serger. I layer the top and bottom material right sides together then add the batting layer on top then the Mylar layer on top of that. I think you could add a second batting layer on top of the Mylar if it is thin enough. Sew all around leaving a 6-8 inch gap. Turn inside out and stitch all around the pad close to the edge to close. Then quilt as desired to hold it all together. Good way to practice free hand quilting.

    • Mylar is supposed to hold up well. The video link states that they are washable and dryable. The pads do have to be quilted in some manner. I have made quite a few for shelters. I do have some here that have not been delivered. I’ll test one out and get back to you.

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