Himeno (Chainsaw Man) Cosplay


Hey! So this is going to be a shorter post than normal, and not much of a tutorial either.

I went to Anime Milwaukee at the beginning of last month, and since Chainsaw Man has been a super popular new anime, I wanted to make a cosplay for it. The only problem is that 90% of the characters just wear suits, and while it’s nice to have an easy cosplay like that, with how many CSM cosplayers would be there, I wanted to stand out a little bit.

So, for Himeno, I decided to take a spin I’ve seen in a few fan arts.

If you aren’t familiar with the character, Himeno has a contract with the ghost devil, which allows her to have use of its right hand (in exchange for her right eye); as such, there are a lot of fan arts of her, as she dies, being taken down by ghost hands. The more art I saw of this, the more I was like, oh yeah, I have to make this.

(I totally didn’t wait until the week before to make it)

The 3D hands were made by making tape casts of my friends’ hands, papier mache-ing them, painting them, and sticking them on with hot glue.

The fabric hands, which I sewed onto the shirt and pants using my Kaffe Edition 770, #6 foot, close zig-zag stitch, were individually cut out– with rounding out the finger tips being the most tedious part (thanks Rowan for the help!)– and then drawn on with fabric markers to give them more hand-like details and dimension. I was so, so happy with how they were turning out as I placed with basting spray and sewed them on. They had a very cool quilted-look which, I think, elevated the garment and made the cosplay look absolutely beautiful.

I finished off the cosplay by hot gluing fake nails and daisies to the garment as needed!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Check out my other cosplays on my instagram @ctlluscos

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