Home Sewing Space


I have been lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to sew in for many years. Unfortunately, as other sewists can relate to, I ran out of space.  I knew I could move to the basement, but was hesitant to do so.  I felt that being down there would cut me off from everyone.  I thought I would give it a try though.  My husband helped me paint the dark wood paneling in dove gray with white trim.  I swapped out all of the lighting for “soft” daytime bulbs. I covered the pool table with a flat hard surface (portable ping pong table) and covered that with several cutting mats.  I went to Ikea and purchased some white cubbies for patterns and other smaller items.  I then arranged my stash in numbered containers and made a binder with swatches of what was in each container.  I stacked the containers at one end of the basement and hid them behind a curtain. I am insanely happy with how this turned out.  Especially, using the pool table as my cutting and project surface.  Although I have no windows, the light walls and bright lighting make it feel as if I am upstairs.  I would highly recommend anyone who is contemplating using their basement to just dive in to the project!  Just make sure that you paint the walls in a light color and use bright lighting – it makes all the difference.

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