joey pouch liners


My sister invited a friend and me to her house to sew joey pouches & liners. She supplied 2 sewing machines, and cut out pouches/liners. I brought my sewing machine and an extra iron, and my Stella craft lamp to provide better lighting for the sewist who used the older Bernette sewing machine.  We sewed from about 10:30am until 6:30pm, with only one break for lunch that my sister so generously provided. We were all exhausted when we finished. But my sister got more joey pouches & liners sewn  by the three of us than she would have completed alone, so she considered this  a very successful get-together! I completed 11 small joey pouch liners. I turned one right side out just for the picture.

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  • How special!

    I did look these up and saw this note on a site posted 1-18-2020:

    As we have limited storage space, we would ask if you have not already started sewing pouches, that you please hold off on making any more until we distribute the pouches which we expect to arrive over the coming weeks.

    • Yes, my sister saw that the sub-hubs requested making nothing more for Australia animals until further notice, and that they are going to focus on making things for animals in the USA.
      She dropped off all the pouches & pouch liners that had been made, this past Friday.

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