Love at First Stitch


After visiting my local quilt shop (Quilting Delights in Happy Valley Oregon) and working with some very nice and helpful ladies I struggled through making my very first quilt on my inexpense store bought machine.  They of course had to introduce me to all the lovely new Bernina’s.  After a demo I was hooked but the price was more than I could afford.  I became a regular at the store and periodically they had some previously owned models for sale.  Once I convinced my hubby I made the plunge and bought a Bernina Artista 730e machine.  It was an older model but I loved every single minute of sewing and embroidering on it.  My first project was a quilt for my mother.  I made lots of mistakes and learned so much.  That was about 3 years ago and since then I first upgraded to a 780 and just recently to a 880. I guess I got the bug bug time.   I now enjoy not only quilting and embroidery but art quilting and digitizing using the Bernina V8 Software.

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