Maine’s 1st Quilt – Gettin’ Started


Just bought my new Bernina Anniversary sewing machine and was so excited to see the beautiful fabrics ing the 125th Anniversary Quilt. I’ve never made a quilt or even read a quilt pattern before, so let’s call this a new adventure! After reading the pattern, I was so confused that I used my first life line and phoned a friend. First question; “What the heck is WOF?” After wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes my friend replied “Wow, so you are a novice!” Taking some time to wrap my head around the project I realized that I was not my only problem. When all else fails – READ THE BLOG! There I found the link that came to my rescue – the corrections sheet! Now, my pieces are all cut, I’ve finished embroidering the cornerstone medallions, and have started putting the blocks together. Hopefully this will be finished by tomorrow and I will be ready to make my next post. Meanwhile, I’m having a ball in Baton Rouge

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