My Block of the Month Quilt


I’m a retired Family and Consumer Science teacher who taught quilting classes to 9th, 11th and 12th graders. Teaching these students taught me much about quilting & about HOW to teach others to quilt.  After I retired, I taught a 9 month long, beginning quilting community education class. Our pattern: the 2017 Block of the Month tutorial. I’d always admired my students’ quilts that had black backgrounds so this was the perfect opportunity for me to make my own (and to use some of my batik stash). I thought this Block of the Month pattern would be challenging and attention holding, and more importantly:  a great pattern for beginner quilters – and it was! We learned together with this fun-to-make pattern; everyone’s project turned out great! A common sentiment from class members: “My first block seemed so difficult, but I couldn’t believe how much I had learned by the time I was sewing my last block!”  I had my quilt professionally quilted but I intend to utilize the quilting suggestions as I continue to learn ruler work quilting. Wonderful tutorial-for beginners & more “seasoned” quilters!

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