My little corner


I live in a house of boys – my husband, my two sons, and even my dog. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The bathroom humor and toothy grins, messy mud puddles and Lego challenges – my family keeps me on my toes!

When I set out to teach myself to sew, I squirreled myself away in my laundry room – the only place free from boy world. I set up my grandmother’s old machine and learned a thing or two – and a few new swear words to mutter under my breath.

A year passed, and my sewing habit had stuck and the supplies had grown. I was overflowing from the laundry room. My little carved out corner wouldn’t do anymore.

I gave myself a $150 budget to carve out a new space for myself. I scoured DIY blogs to make the most of my little space and settled on a few ideas. I patiently passed the weeks by browsing the local classifieds for desks and baskets and took a (few) trips to the hardware store.

Slowly, but surely, my space came together. My pegboard got a dash of color with baskets from the dollar store. My desks came from a business closing its doors. When I hung the final peg and filled the final drawer, my little project became my creative space. It is a space worthy of the ideas in my head. It is my calm from the crazy. It is a place where, when the ZIIIIIIIIIP of my rotary cutter is heard or the hum of my machine is whirring, my family knows I am in my happy place.

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  • I love it! Sometimes you takes a little googling and some elbow grease and you can come up with a wonderful space like you have here! Looks quite organized and tidy! I agree with you about finding your happy place, sometimes the hum of the sewing machine is the sound of all your troubles being forgotten…for a time at least!

    Happy Quilting!

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